Google glasses are alive! Here s Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Google unexpectedly presented a new version of its widened reality glasses. Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 works under the control of Android.

The Google Glass gifted reality glasses appeared in 2013. They were a product that was ahead of its time. After a few years, their creators understood that, in spite of the visions presented to us in science-fiction movies, people will not wear technology-packed frames every day.

The first edition of Google Glass was sold for cosmic money to the developers of the application, but the project was finally extinguished. Accessories of this type, however, found a niche in the industry, and Google introduced in its offer for Google Glass Enterprise Edition. Now a new version of goggles has appeared.

What's new in Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2?

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 1

Google Glass Enterprise Edition is a goggle that helps field workers in different ways. They can help in logistics and on the production line, providing access to information without having to use their hands. This increases productivity in companies that have decided to purchase these devices.

The heart of the new version of Google Glass Enterprise Edition is the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 chip with much higher performance than its predecessor. Uses artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, the glasses are characterized by much higher energy efficiency, which is crucial in the device from the category of garment technology.

Added to this is the USB-C port for fast charging and a new camera.

Google also ensures that programming on Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 will be easier because the new version of the glasses controls the Android system. This will facilitate the creation of applications, and developers will be able to use the API and services known from smartphones. There was no support for the MDM service.

Smith Optics became the partner of Google. Google provides technology and software, and Smith Optics has dealt with frames that are designed to provide adequate resistance to mechanical damage to people who work in factories and other spaces where it is not difficult to find an accident at work.

Google glasses are alive! Here's Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2


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