Google Chrome has copied Edge elements. This is how the new settings look

We live in wonderful times, in which Microsoft and Google together build - in their opinion - the best platform for websites and web applications. The Chrome browser will use Chrome's ideas on Edge.

Microsoft resigned from further development of the Spartan authoring platform for the Edge browser. The company announced that it has joined the Chromium project - an open source internet browser whose development is overseen by Google. Chromium's solutions are used, among others, by Chrome, Opera and Brave browsers. Microsoft Edge will soon join them.

Chromium, like most open source projects, is a joint project of all the participants. This means that everyone can propose some changes and innovations, and if the community approves them, they will go to the mainstream of browser development. In other words, and for example: the amendments reported by the Opera to Chromium, if they are accepted, will also go to Chrome or Edge.

What are the Chromium browsers different from each other? The so-called application layer. But here you can exchange ideas. Chrome will benefit from those introduced to Microsoft Edge.

Chromium is basically a Blink rendering engine and a V8 engine for JavaScript processing, packaged in a simple and generic interface. Individual companies can develop it together, sharing their ideas with others. The community has already adopted over 400 Microsoft engine related updates, there will certainly be more.

Browsers Opera, Chrome, Edge or Brave, however, differ from each other by the so-called application layer. Each of the companies on the foundations of Chromium builds an original browser, with its own ideas for additional functions or user interface. Even Chrome is significantly different from Chromium, even if it integrates with Google services.

Chromium veterans are sure to watch closely for what their new partner, Microsoft, is. Google clearly liked the idea of ​​Microsoft on the browser settings interface. The test version of the new Chrome is clearly inspired by the Microsoft browser.

Settings menu in Chrome and Edge browsers - try to find the differences

chrome edge copy

This is how the settings for the current version of Chrome look like.

chrome edge copy

This is how the look of the Edge 76 browser settings looks like, which is still in beta testing for now.

chrome edge copy

And this is how the Chrome settings menu looks like from the Canary development channel. You can not talk about plagiarism in any case: the idea of ​​category separation is a bit different, in addition, Chrome remains true to the design of Material Design, while Edge strives for compatibility with Fluent design. However, it is clearly visible that, according to Google, edge categories on the side of the browser window are a better idea than the one used so far.

Google and Microsoft work together because it's in the interest of everyone involved.

I am convinced that this type of plagiarism will appear more and more often in all Chromium-based products. Good ideas should be copied, and partnership in building browsers from this family makes copying ideas more convenient and cheaper. So the partners will lend their ideas to each other and try to improve them so that they become even more convenient or technically better. This is the undisputed beauty of the open-source world, and I am looking forward to the release of the stable version of the new Edge, with increasing problems with inhibiting enthusiasm.

Google Chrome has copied Edge elements. This is how the new settings look


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