Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a better, dirtier and futuristic Wildlands. Jon Bernthal will be on our way

Ghost Recon Wildlands was not the best action game under the sun, but the cooperative nature of the game, the open world and a wide range of possibilities generated lots of fun . Ubisoft, however, listened to those who were not completely satisfied with the game. The French drew the right conclusions by creating Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a direct continuation of Ghost Recon Wildlands. This is evidenced by the presence of the famous actor Jon Bernthal. His character will appear in Wildlands at any moment as part of the free DLC. Jon Bernthal will be one of the title Ghosts at the moment, at least temporarily cooperating with the player. Probably something will go very wrong, and due to tragic circumstances Bernthal will go to the wrong side of power.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will take us to a fictitious island, where the inhospitable atmosphere combines with a light sci-fi.

Unlike Bolivia in the previous version of the Ghosts, the mysterious island will not be densely populated by civilians. Atol is to be the base for a powerful military company. The character played by Jon Bernthal, in turn, will become the head of her armed arm. The organization is most likely a leader in the armaments industry, developing tools of destruction with a delicate, sci-fi color. In the factories supervised by Bernthal, independent drones and autonomous combat vehicles are created.

This slightly futuristic aspect contrasts strongly with the true nature of the island. This one is heavily wooded, muddy, and with areas under a thick layer of snow. Players will be moved to a really inhospitable place. Perhaps it is the difficult conditions for living on the island that has mysteriously limited its research centers and factories. Away from the eyes of outsiders onlookers who might see something they should not.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is to be much more survival. The game is distinguished by a treatment model.

One of the characteristics of the new Ghosts will be the state of the player's character after injury. Unlike most action games, a critically wounded hero will be able to shoot at most with a gun. The use of an assault rifle or shotgun is to be over his strength. Such a critically wounded figure is limping, breathing heavily, and moving more slowly than normal. The player will have to take care not only about recovering health, but also stopping wounds or bandaging limbs.

Everything also indicates that in Ghost Recon Breakpoint there will be more direct shooting, and less film action involving helicopters and armored vehicles. The great freedom known from Wildlands will be slightly reduced, so that the narrative and direct gameplay gain. So prepare yourself for a little less explosions. I am definitely on. Especially since the trailer suggests that opponents will not be so-called sponges. One - two balls and after the case. I am counting on a satisfactory model of fire.

Staying at survival, I was impressed by the fragment in which the protagonist dives into the mud. Such use of the environment in my own favor is an element that I remember very nicely from the recent Shadow of the Tomb Raider. If Breakpoint will offer advanced forms of field camouflage, my soul of the amateur sniper shooter will be delighted.

Not only cooperation. Ghost Recon Breakpoint will offer PvP mode at the start.

One of the most frequently reported deficiencies in Wildlands was the absence of a mode where players could fight each other on prepared arenas. Ubisoft promises that their new game will have a developed and improved PvP module from the day of its debut. Moreover, the progression of PvP and PvE systems is to be combined. This means that the player who likes the competition will be able to take advantage of the prizes won in the arenas (weapons, gadgets, improvements) by exploring the open map of the co-op mode.

Ubisoft also emphasizes that Breakpoint will be a radically friendlier solo player. In Wildlands, the cooperation was compulsory, while lonely players were given a bots of medium-sized bots to nurse. Fortunately, the new Ghost Recon solo game and the co-op game are just as good. Lone wolves can count on zero nursery and professional, silent elimination of whole enemy bases alone. I am so! I am only missing support for the cross-play standard between consoles for full happiness.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will debut on PS4, XONE and PC on October 4, 2019.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a better, dirtier and futuristic Wildlands. Jon Bernthal will be on our way


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