Gazeta Wyborcza is 30 years old. This is the most important Polish medium of recent decades

In my opinion, Gazeta Wyborcza is the most important Polish medium of the past 30 years.

At the same time I am not sure if the next 30 have equally optimistic perspectives (although looking at the results of the digital subscription - it has). Today, however, the editors are celebrating and it is impossible to refuse her one - it is an icon.

The measure of Gazeta Wyborcza's success is the hatred that certain political circles have for it. These are not purely personal reasons, but rather an ideology. For, if it is not Election, then it is at least a party of radicals. Radicals wanting to rewrite Polish values. However, it is also the main camp of struggle with other radicals who want to return to Polish values, but those from the Middle Ages.

The editor-in-chief asked me today to write a column on Spider's Web on the occasion of the thirtieth birthday of Gazeta Wyborcza. I undertake this task with particular reluctance, because Gazeta Wyborcza runs the Polish border. Some are ready to defend her at all costs, while others hate her so honestly that ... she is not worse.

I did not want to write this column, because I know perfectly well that he will not like it one or the other. Kombo.

Gazeta Wyborcza wants secular and tolerant Poland. At the same time, I want it so much that it is ready to put all possible deities and leftist journalists convinced of their progressiveness in this fight so much that they proclaim the slogans at times gently touching on fascism.

But Gazeta Wyborcza is also a daily newspaper that looks at the hands of politicians every day and, unlike right-wing dailies, tries to do so regardless of whether its greatest enemies or friends are in power. Regardless of whether they are starving, holding back money from State Treasury companies, or generously rewarding large ads of banks and copper miners.

Gazeta Wyborcza is a guy who smears himself with Nutella and goes to the Independence March to prove to Poles what they are racists. But Gazeta Wyborcza is also Mariusz Szczygieł or Rafał Stec's most baroque form in sport journalism.

Gazeta Wyborcza is trying to describe the world that is. But Gazeta Wyborcza is also High Heels, which also wonderfully describe a world that does not exist - invented problems, fictitious challenges, unreal struggles.

Gazeta Wyborcza is a fanatical attack on the priests and institutions of the Catholic church, but it is also a promotion of interesting, good and wise people who are certainly closer to God from the Polish Catholic church.

Gazeta Wyborcza is Jarosław Kurski and Dominika Wielowieyska, who are very much - as for reputable journalists - politically involved. But without a shadow of a doubt, they are definitely better proclaimers of the Platforma Obywatelska (Civic Platform), from the politicians of the Civic Platform.


And although I have some doubts today as to what kind of medium Gazeta Wyborcza has become, whether I like them, whether I agree with him or whether I support him, it is without a shadow of a doubt a big American-style diary. Because, as we well know, American-style diaries do not try to pretend to be neutral ideologically guards of democracy.

Is Gazeta Wyborcza the guardian of democracy?

I think so. Anyone who, regardless of the context and scale, opposes authority using undemocratic methods (such as non-printing of Constitutional Tribunal judgments) is to some extent a defender of democracy, and the most popular Polish non-tabloid journal in May 1989 has grown up. And I think that for years, for the last 30 years (as in the case of the Rywin affair), I am fulfilling my role fairly.

Being my almost contemporary peer, Gazeta Wyborcza, I wish her courage, strength and willingness to become the guardian of Polish journalism in the future. Journalism based on quality and information, not the obtrusively manifest ideology. I am sure that taking my advice to heart will not last another 30 years, but at least it will be death in style. One in which I would like to remember Gazeta Wyborcza and how I remember it from my youth.

Gazeta Wyborcza is 30 years old. This is the most important Polish medium of recent decades


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