From today, the registration document and the OC policy can be found on your smartphone. The mPublic service starts

Theoretically, for some time now there is no obligation to carry a registration document and a third party liability insurance policy. But if someone wants to have the documents on the case with me, now no longer need to remember to bring your wallet. All you need is an application on your phone.

After long announcements, the mObywatel application - as reported by the Cashless website - has finally been updated, which introduces the mPojazd solution. Thanks to this, without carrying paper documents, we can check at any time:

  • Detailed information about our vehicle, including year of manufacture, VIN, registration number, date of first registration, engine capacity, etc.
  • The expiration date of the technical examination
  • The expiry date of the OC
  • Detailed information on the OC policy
  • The data contained in the vehicle card
  • Details of the registration certificate, including the date of issue, series and number, as well as the issuing authority

The application is also intended to remind you about the need to carry out a technical examination and extend the OC policy 30 days before the end of their validity period.

So far, the application in the updated version supporting the mPojazd service is available exclusively on Android smartphones. If you spend on iOS you will probably need to wait a few days longer for the appropriate update.

mPojazd - who can take advantage of?

Everyone who is compatible with the mObywatel smartphone application (and has a new version of the application) and also has a Trusted Profile. The last one is worth having anyway - it's very easy to set it up (you can do it using an account at selected banks), and it definitely makes it easier to handle many official matters.

When, on the other hand, you can come in handy, if you do not have to carry these documents with you? Above all, during a road incident, where having the right documents can be very important. The mObywatel application with the mPojazd module enables easy and quick exchange and verification of data between the parties of the event. You just have to count on the second person also having the right program.

But even if you do not have it, you can always just copy it from us - it's always easier.

From today, the registration document and the OC policy can be found on your smartphone. The mPublic service starts


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