Forget about entering text for translation

Google wants to change the rules for translating speech. Translatotron is an ambitious project that will make us not only get along with everyone around the world, but also do it quickly, smoothly and preserving the unique character of our speech.

Holidays, work, school. We can meet people speaking a foreign language everywhere. More and more travelers come to us and not all of them speak English. This trend will only progress and, although with English is also better with us, it is not always enough. Sometimes you have to reach for the help of an interpreter , even the one who is sweetly dormant in the pocket of our trousers.

Translation programs, both those operating on the text and those intended to deal with speech, are getting better.

Traditionally, conversation translators cope with the task, breaking it into three parts. First they recognize the speech and turn it into a text, then they translate it into the right language, and finally they process the word again written in speech. For now, this is the most effective and the fastest method of their work, but it has to change. Google is trying to improve this process and everything indicates that it is on a great way to do it.

Google wants to resign from the mediation of the written text.

Translatotron, because this is the name of a new project, is supposed to deal with the translation of speech without having to be translated into text. Based on the spectrogram analysis, the method is expected to exceed the traditional cascade models in many ways in the future.

For now, Translatron is far from perfect. In the examples given by Google, the sentence no lo que pas es que qua estudié dos años en la universidad de Perú, y luego me he transferido acá. o sea, soy un international transfer , he translated as what is literally is here and marring in earnest , but it should be noted that the traditional translation did not really do well with this sentence ( no it happens) as i studied in the university of the year and then i brought here and mean i'm an inner net in a transfer ). Correctly postponed sentence should read: no, what happened. I transferred to the University of Peru. that is I'm an international transfer . There is nothing in it about a wife or about being online.

Translatotron, however, gives hope for a breakthrough. By eliminating the intermediate stages it is above all faster than the competition, but it is not the end of its advantages. Google is testing the use of our interlocutor for voice translation, which completely changes the way we receive the translated text. He points out that without the need to convert speech to text and then back to text, the number of errors that could occur at these stages is limited. This gives much more credible and faithful translations, and that's what all of us are all about.

Forget about entering text for translation


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