Ford claims that couriers are unnecessary. He will soon replace them with robots

Until recently, automotive concerns were shouting over themselves on the subject of autonomous cars. Now that everyone has announced their ambitious plans in this topic, you have to stand out for something else. Ford opts for autonomous couriers who will become an inseparable part of autonomous delivery vans.

It makes sense. Since the general assumption is that sooner or later the autonomous cars will drive along the city streets, it will not be worth anyone to hire human couriers to deliver our parcels to the door.

Autonomous Ford couriers

The idea of ​​Ford will be implemented in cooperation with the startup Agility Robotics, which quite by accident has a pretty good idea of ​​how such a robo-courier should work. The concept is quite simple. The Digit autonomous robot is a humanoid construction that can handle 18 kg. This will work more or less like this:

Of course, this idea will not work when it comes to delivering packages to blocks. However, when it comes to a typical American estate of detached houses - Digit should handle it without any problem. I wrote earlier that it is an autonomous construction, although a much more appropriate term would be "remotely controlled by an autonomous car". Digit will be constantly connected to a delivery van, which after stopping at the indicated address will take care of finding the optimal (and safe) route to the door and send it to the robot.

In theory, everything sounds very sensible and simple. Interesting how with practice. For example, I am curious if Digit can handle the entrance on the slightly narrower stairs than those presented in the promotional video of the Ford. Or how he will react to the attempted theft of the package. Or will he be able to offer a courier trick for hundreds of thousands of years? "I've hidden your package behind a flowerpot in the garden."

I doubt it. I know that complaining about couriers is very popular, but after full automation of this service, it may turn out that the lack of interaction with another person may result in an increase in the number of problems related to picking up parcels. The option of leaving a valuable shipment with your neighbor will probably also fall out.

Progress is inevitable

We can of course complain about all these new inconveniences. I doubt, however, that thanks to this we managed to stop the plans related to the autonomy of this type of services. Robots are already parking cars at the airports , cleaning our apartments , playing us in Jenga - sooner or later they will deal with the delivery of our parcels.

Ford does not give any particular date when the whole invention appears on American settlements, so couriers can sleep peacefully for now. At least for a moment.

Ford claims that couriers are unnecessary. He will soon replace them with robots


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