Fatal start of folding smartphones: a large store has canceled all orders for Galaxy Folda

Huawei Mate X ended before he could start . The premiere of Samsung Galaxy Fold is halted and stores are beginning to cancel orders. Can the beginning of folding smartphones get worse?

After the withdrawal of the Samsung Galaxy Fold from the market, we still do not know when the improved version of the device will go on sale. Samsung claims that it has already found the cause of screen defects and managed to eliminate it. There were also announcements that the new date of the market launch will appear soon , but we still do not know the details.


The greatest technology enthusiasts who decided to lay out 2 thousand dollars. for Fold's pre-order, they are now stretched. They can of course cancel the order, but hey, after that they will lose the opportunity to be the first owners of this device. So what to do, since every day is getting longer and longer?

The American Best Buy store has quite the silence of Samsung, so it will cancel all pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy Fold .

The Best Buy network board has enough of waiting for Samsung's decision. The network informed customers that it is withdrawing orders for a folded Samsung smartphone.

If in the next week Samsung does not give details about the new release date, other American networks will be forced to follow the footsteps of Best Buy stores. The date of the border is May 31. If by that date Samsung does not provide a new date for the market launch of Folda, all pre-orders will have to be canceled as a result of the law in force in the United States .

So, Samsung has little time to publish particulars if it does not want to disappoint its loyal customers even more.

Not only Samsung has uphill. We can not see Huaweia Mate X on the market at all.

As a result of Huawei's inclusion in the black list of Trump , operators from the United States, but also from Taiwan and Japan, retract Mate X from the offer. Additionally, Google removed Mate X from Android.com.


Huawei's situation is changing very dynamically, unfortunately only to the detriment of the company. It is very possible that Mate X will not get a market premiere, and after the buzzing announcements will be only memories.

Or is it a signal that you need to slow down?

The problems of the Samsung Galaxy Fold were due to the faulty construction of the hinge, so the device was not tested well before the premiere. This was probably due to the arms race between Samsungien and Huawe. Both companies wanted to show their folded device first. Now we see what this sprint ends up.


Or is it a signal that the market should slow down a bit? That releasing two series of flagship smartphones a year is a bit too much? That adding to it the third leg of folded smartphones is a breakneck task?

If even Samsung - a giant of the mobile market - is not able to properly test its smartphones before the premiere ( and not the first time ... ), is the market all right? It is nice to observe the development of technology, but even better to see when this technology is reliable. Without this, users will be only beta-testers who, in addition, pay for the ability to test devices. The market should not work this way.

Fatal start of folding smartphones: a large store has canceled all orders for Galaxy Folda


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