Facebook tinkers again in news. And again, he promises to see more valuable content

Facebook has announced changes in the News algorithm. Once again, we can read about the quality of displayed content.

Facebook claims that it introduces changes based on user surveys. The website asked for the indication of friends who are closest to the respondents. It's about the content they most often respond to, the photos they were tagged on, which is primarily the interaction between the user and the user.

On this basis, a kind of pattern map was created, which - colloquially speaking - will be fed an algorithm that selects the content for us. Representatives of the company swear that changes do not mean the dominance of posts by a small group of users. The priority should be information from those users with whom we have - at least on Facebook - the closest relationship.

Our forecasting models are constantly updated on the basis of the interaction people take with friends on Facebook - the website explains.

The thing is not only about users, but also about links that engage users.

I can not say which Facebook once boast about changes in the algorithm.

The site likes to emphasize that its purpose is to connect people and provide them with quality content. On average, annually announces important changes to the algorithm. Last year, pale fear fell on the administrators of facebook sites. The ranges were falling like a paratrooper from Fortnite or PUBG, and the company was open-minded that he was thinking first of all about the well-being of users and realizing that the changes would hit professional websites.

This time the message is much more conservative. Yes, we read the same clichés about connecting people and qualitative content, but also announcements are not as radical as last year.

The algorithm changes are a river theme, but one is symptomatic for me. Despite the fact that the websites have indeed recorded declines, as a user I have not noticed not only significant but even minimal changes in the content that is displayed in my news. If you look at it through the prism of the world's conspiracy vision, you might think that Facebook, under the guise of changes in the algorithm, wants to maximize advertising revenue. After all, every quarterly results of the company show that it is advertising (mainly mobile) that is responsible for its financial results.

Facebook tinkers again in news. And again, he promises to see more valuable content


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