End of competition. Dell and Microsoft will build together clouds of the future

dell microsoft vmware azure

An unexpected visitor to Dell Technologies World 2019 turned out to be Satya Nadella, president of Microsoft. Both companies, together with Vmware, announced cooperation, thanks to which their cloud solutions will work better together.

Dell, Vmware (in which Dell has a majority stake) and Microsoft until recently not much friend in the context of cloud solutions. Satya Nadella, however, introduced many changes in the policy of his company. Instead of rivalry, he focuses on cooperation. One of the many effects of this way of thinking is the alliance of these three companies.

Microsoft and Dell in the future - as they promise - are to do "great things" together. For now, however, let's focus on the facts, and so on the real effects of this cooperation. And this is to begin with facilitating the Azure customers' virtualization through VMware solutions. It is worth remembering that Microsoft invariably promotes Hyper-V, and therefore its own virtualization solution.

Amazon first, now Microsoft.

It is worth recalling that this is not the first such alliance with Vmware in the background. In 2016, cooperation with Amazon was established. Very similar in character to the one just announced, and thus allowing easy use of VMware solutions in the AWS cloud. As Dell explains, this is the answer to the needs of his clients who use not only a hybrid cloud, but also more than one public cloud.

dell microsoft vmware azure

The initiative to establish closer cooperation did not come from Microsoft, but from Dell. Both companies have been cooperating on the PC market since time immemorial: almost all Dell PCs are equipped with the Windows operating system. Dell has allegedly studied the possibility of cooperation on the cloud market for years, but the right conversations began only a few months ago.

Alliance out of necessity.

Vmware was not happy when in 2017 Microsoft created an unauthorized solution allowing software to be virtualized in Azure by the products itself. The solution is technically limited due to the lack of Vmware's participation in its design.

In this industry, however, there is no room for mutual offense against each other. According to Pat Gelsinger, the president of Vmware, Azure's clients, is arriving at a very high speed. And they have repeatedly put pressure on both companies to finally cooperate with each other - for the benefit of all those interested.

Not just virtualization.

Soon Dell and Vmware solutions are even better to integrate with Office 365 and Microsoft Active Directory. Dell and Vmware are also going to create a service that somehow uses Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop and Horizon Cloud - we will get to know the details soon.

The most important, however, is what representatives of all three companies emphasized. This is just the beginning, cooperation will only strengthen, and soon we will get to know its other fruits. This is undoubtedly great news for everyone interested. And in particular, for Azure customers.

End of competition. Dell and Microsoft will build together clouds of the future


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