Electronics Show 2019 is a great opportunity to start your programming adventure


In addition to the latest gadgets and accessories presented at the Electronics Show 2019, the trade fair in Nadarzyn is a great opportunity to ... learn programming. I am not joking.

According to a survey of the Central Statistical Office in 2012, computers are found in 94.6%. Polish households with school-age children, and 91.5%. also has access to the Internet. However, programming skills declare only 8.8 percent. Polish citizens and this percentage does not change over time (yet in 2007 it was 8.7%).

What's more, rankings regarding computer competences put Poland in the final positions, which is quite a disturbing phenomenon.

Samsung wants to change this state of affairs

At the Electronics Show 2019 organized at the PTAK Expo in Nadarzyn, you can learn the basics of programming for free. Just visit the Samsung stand (hall F). Programming workshops were created of course for the youngest, although looking at the involvement of some parents, I'm not sure which age group has more fun ...

But to the point. Samsung specialists in less than an hour are able to explain to the youngest technology fans the principles of operation of conditional loops, which will be useful for them to write a simple control program for one of the remotely controlled robots.

Electronics Show Samsung Flip 2

A very interesting scientific help is also an interactive Samsung Flip board. An interactive whiteboard can be found right next to the VR virtual reality goggles. All you have to do is ask the staff at the next table to get a special stylus needed to use Samsung Flip.

The menu is reminiscent of something known from Samsung TVs. You can select drawing parameters, including the thickness of the pen and highlighter. The board also connects wirelessly to mobile devices and computers, but the housing also has an HDMI port.

The possibilities of the Samsung Flip board are presented during scientific and technological workshops carried out in cooperation with the Copernicus Science Center. For future scientists, animators from the Copernicus Science Center will carry out interesting experiments in chemistry and physics. This attraction is available at the Samsung stand today (ie on Friday) and on Sunday (12.05) from 10:00 to 16:00.

I really like unconventional fair attractions

Samsung's stand at the Electronics Show 2019 will attract the majority of visitors with its VR zone and the latest Galaxy series smartphones. A Korean producer could equally well focus on purely entertainment attractions and gadgets and not engage in cooperation with the Copernicus Science Center.

That is why I appreciate Samsung's educational mission all the more. Maybe thanks to such learning through play, after this year's edition of the Electronics Show 2019, several Polish programmers will come to us. Samsung - you do it right.

Electronics Show 2019 is a great opportunity to start your programming adventure


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