Do you think that you misbehave on the phone? I have two billion arguments against

$ 2 billion with pennies. Groszami, let's add, the size of millions. That's how many of the most popular mobile games of the Battle Royal type have been made in less than two years. The madness of the new type of shooters has combined the feudal ranks of Android and iPhone users.

According to research conducted by Sensor Tower , the most popular Battle Royal mobile game in the world is Fort Knives Out from NetEase. Relax, do not wipe your eyes in amazement. In this data there is one quite significant catch, which explains the surprising result of the statement.

Fortnite king ... although it's hard to prove it.

The data that was used in the statement comes from the App Store and Google Play. Until recently, the use of a methodology based only on information from these sources made it possible to capture the most important trends, get information about what and how often and get to know the favorites of the mobile audience.

Good times, however, have ended. Epic Games decided to brain down the spirit of the analysts and distribute their game from their own site, bypassing the Google store and sales percentages imposed by the developers of Android . Only a closed iOS system prevented the company from doing the same on Apple devices. I bet dollars against nuts that Fortnite would be distributed only from channels controlled by Epic Games .

But even considering only the iOS version, Fortnite earned $ 630 million for its creators. This gives him the second place in the ranking, which takes into account both platforms. This is not even dominance, it is the total outlining of the competition. Even so, Epic has cause for concern. The mobile platform has not yet been released by the new favorite players, namely Apex Legends, and considering that mobile is coming out recently, the creators of colorful shooters should be anxiously wiggling in beds.

The five most profitable Battle Royal games.

In the first place of the statement is Knives Out from NetEase with earned over USD 640 million. The last place on the podium is PubG with $ 438 million. The fourth is Garena Free Fire from NetEase with 250 million dollars, and the last, fifth, Rules of Survival, whose earnings almost reach the amount of 100 million dollars.

It is worth noting that the popularity of the genre is still growing. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, these five games earned $ 476 million, an increase of 63 percent compared to the last quarter of 2018.

$ 2 billion is a sum that can turn back in your head, especially if it is collected in such a short time. A year ago we were dealing with a real madness of companies that tried to hook up to the new mode loved by the players. As a result of a sudden attack of contagious battleroyalism , among other things, last year's Call of Duty . The fashion on Battle Royal will pass sooner or later, but for now it's great, which is confirmed by the players, by voting in portfolios.

Do you think that you misbehave on the phone? I have two billion arguments against


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