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Do not you want to listen? You do not need. Uber tests quiet rides

Uber introduces a function that I deeply hope will be copied by everyone. It's about quiet rides.

Everyone has these days. He wants to sit down comfortably and sink in his own thoughts or just stare at the window and finally think about nothing. It does not matter why. Maybe your colleague does not stop talking even in the toilet and you hope that your ears will rest somewhere in Uber. Or maybe you order a driver to take you on a roundabout route to the local shop, because you have a permanent concert at home, given by two small children and you need 5 minutes of silence.

You get in, the driver's mouth opens and you know. Another episode of the never-ending saga awaits you. All The Adventures of Uber's Driver, My Life Behind the Steering Wheel. Of course, you love this saga, but on this day you just do not have the strength to listen to it. And here in the black Mercedes a new Uber Black arrives .

On the streets and in Cichosz Uberach Cichosz.

The new silent ride option is currently only available in the United States and only in the Uber Black service. This is a premium version of ordinary Uber, thanks to which you can experience a bit of automotive luxury, sitting on a leather armchair of one of the admissible cars in the program (including Jaguar, Bentley, Porsche and Maybach). Of course, the price for this service is much higher than for being driven by an old good Ford or Toyota, but well, that's the characteristic of everything premium.

In addition to higher-quality cars, Uber Black is distinguished by excellent service . Only those drivers who are rated at least 4.8 and now also those who can stay silent for more than 5 minutes are eligible. And although the critics point out that this is dehumanization of drivers, let me disagree with this argument.

I am a chatterbox, I admit. Sometimes, I'm surprised that my fiancé does not keep fake-murdocks in his pocket just to stop the stream of words flowing from my mouth. But even I know when he is not in the mood for my babble. I know him long enough and well enough to read these tired (or murderous) looks. Uber's driver does not have such a chance and sometimes reptile in the best of faith. Just to cheer us or make our way happy. I know that in theory you can ask for it to be quiet in such cases. I have not yet been able to do this kindly and effectively.

New preferences give more opportunities to inform about your wishes.

The change is part of the new transport preferences that the application user can specify in advance. In addition to the level of conversation with the driver (chitchat, silence and no preferences), you can also determine the preferred temperature in the car and inform you in advance that you are traveling with luggage.

I sincerely hope that this option will work in the United States and will be implemented in all possible markets.

Do not you want to listen? You do not need. Uber tests quiet rides

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