DJI can share the fate of Huaweia. Chinese drones on Trump s finder

Not Xiaomi, not Oppo and not Vivo. Another goal of Donald Trump's administration may be DJI, the Chinese giant of the drone market and video accessories.

The blockade of cooperation between the Americans and Huawei has made a big impact on technology fans. We still do not know what future Huawei smartphones will look like without Google's services. And whether they will arise at all, because ARM has just suspended cooperation with Huawe .

The Chinese manufacturer has a hard nut to crack , and soon DJI may be in a stalemate.

"DJI drones can transmit further collected data"

The United States Department of Homeland Security on Monday expressed " strong concerns " towards DJI, specifically its drones. Devices can potentially send collected data (videos and photos) to the producer, where the Chinese government would have access to them.

The department believes that drones can be equipped with components that are able to send data without the user's knowledge. Theoretically, this is possible because the progress of DJI drones is extremely high. Mavic 2 Pro is literally packed with cameras and sensors that analyze the drone surroundings on each side.

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So we have a potential introduction to the situation in which Huawei found himself. DJI did not hit the so-called blacklist, but there was a warning against DJI. Organizations - especially those that affect national security - should remain vigilant as they are vulnerable to espionage and theft of proprietary information.

What would the dji market look like without a DJI?

DJI is actually the hegemony of the market and currently the products of this company constitute approx. 80 percent. all drones in the United States. DJI is present in every market segment, both in amateur equipment, through semi-professional equipment, and powerful platforms capable of carrying Hollywood cameras. In many segments, competition is practically non-existent, or it is far behind the DJI technical solutions.

If DJI is blacklisted, this time we should not feel it the hard way, because US law would not affect Europe.

What about DJI?

The DJI spokesman responded to the criticism claiming that security is the cornerstone of business at DJI, and our collateral has already been verified by the US government and independent, leading US companies.

"We give customers complete and total control over how their data is collected, stored and transmitted," says Adam Dariusz, spokesman for DJI.

This is not the first criticism directed towards DJI

In 2017, the United States Army issued an internal recommendation that military units should stop using drones. Until now, DJI drones have been used in over 300 military operations. The reason for the creation of the internal regulation was the fear of a network connection, which can send data from the drone.

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In response, DJI has introduced a private mode to drones , in which the application to control the drone can operate without internet connection, using only a direct connection to the drone.

This time DJI also has an answer. Perhaps this is just a coincidence, but the manufacturer has just announced the implementation of further security measures to his drones. Starting from 1 January next year, all drones sold for weight above 250 g will be equipped with AirSense ADS-B receivers, coupled with the aircraft location system used, among others through control towers at airports.

The drones are to be aware of the situation in the sky, and if a plane appears on the flight line, the drone will be able to inform the operator about it, even 3 minutes before the potential threat.

DJI was given a yellow card, and the words of the Department of Security are another example of the escalation of the trade-economic conflict between the United States and China. The situation is developing, but its consequences - even in the worst case scenario - should be much less noticeable to us Europeans.

DJI can share the fate of Huaweia. Chinese drones on Trump's finder


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