Divine shooting, but I turn my nose on the open world. RAGE 2 is moderately furious - review

As for the game presented in a bright palette of colors and advertised with sharp music, the RAGE 2 has surprisingly little rage. This is a cross-breeding DOOM and Mad Max, which can be summed up as a positive average for a promotion.

At this point, I hear the thunders of followers of id Software falling on me. After all, RAGE 2 uses the mechanics of first-person shooting, and id are computer specialists in this field. The problem is that effective, fast and dynamic fire exchange is less than half of the game. Most of the time you will be wandering through the wasteful wastelands, reaching the next markers scattered around the map of the open world.

Despite the bold play of lights and colors, the RAGE 2 Universe remains boring and harsh. Visiting ruined petrol stations we will never come across anything interesting. When visiting abandoned homes, we will not raise new weapons or acquire new skills. All this is rationed in connection with missions and markers. Lonely exploration does not make much sense and does not reward as you would like.

The open world of RAGE 2 has no start to the lands of Metro or Assassin's Creed.

Glory to the creators that they tried to break the desert landscape with forests and swamps. However, these are only islands on the sea of ​​repeatability. I know that post-apocalyptic wasteland is not a playground. It is enough, however, to look at the Fallout producers: New Vegas or Metro Exodus. The desert does not have to be boring. Canyons do not have to be empty. Not all people encountered should be opponents or traders.

In RAGE 2, I miss a situation when a castaway met in a dark grotto tells me about a nearby mutant lair. Then together we go to hunt big bulls, which becomes the beginning of a new series of tasks leading up to the queen of monsters. The characters in RAGE 2 are bland and painless. In addition, the only NPCs that have something to say live in commercial cities. Do not count that the person found in the middle of the desert will give you an interesting story. She'll just pull out the gun and start shooting at you. Well, unless he is a buyer or wants to race. However, this only applies to NPCs in vehicles.

Sure, RAGE 2 is not cRPG. It's not the Witcher or the Dragon Age. However, since Metro's creators can embellish their own desert world with interesting stories, neutral characters and optional factions, I find no justification for environmental laziness id Software. I've played too many good games to settle for an empty, schematic, dead RAGE 2 environment. Potential has remained untapped. Even the main storyline does not make up for it. This one was made for side tasks in Assassin's Creed or The Division 2. Kill, bring, sweep.

What is easy to predict, I can not write a bad word about the fight. Jeju, like in RAGE 2, shoots well!

The experience acquired with Wolfenstein, DOOM and Quake must pay off. Every explosion, every shot and every pull on the trigger in RAGE 2 gives childish fun. The model of fire was perfectly matched to the console. This is the first game since the release of Destiny 2, which sends such satisfactory feedback during shelling. In this respect RAGE 2 hits the console pantheon FPS, taking the place next to Black, HALO and Destiny. This is a great, really great achievement. Unfortunately, I can not say how the game works on a PC.

I was very surprised by the special skills. During the shows, these games did not look too spectacular. Oh, the blow of a fist, a blow from a jump, a shield for it ... Against the background of explosions, pursuits and fights with enormous opponents, skills were surprisingly modest. However, using them is also very satisfying. I immediately feel that id Software wanted the player to constantly juggle with weapons and skills . Therefore, the opponents act in a stone-paper-scissors model. Especially at a higher level of difficulty.

You can walk through RAGE 2 using only a machine gun. However, it is much nicer and more effective to play like Slayer with the new DOOM. You have to be fast. You have to be on the move. You can not give your opponent even a moment to rest. They are to be afraid of you day and night. On guard and during rest. In the main base as well as during convoys. You are a hunter. They are game. With this approach, RAGE 2 can give huge amounts of wild satisfaction.

Unfortunately, after a bloody exchange of fire silence occurs, and the player again goes back to monotonous discovery of the markers on the map.

Vehicles in RAGE 2 are a great diversion, but the creators sabotage them a bit.

The new id Software game is to be associated with chaos, demolition and freedom. Unfortunately, the producers do not want me to feel too comfortable. When I drive a vehicle to the enemy station, and then knock out all the bandits with the help of plots placed on the roof of the car, the game is clearly not in taste. Therefore, although the base is no longer a live ghost, id Software will always throw in a handful of enemies as soon as we leave the vehicle. As if the creators did not want to let us forget how great it shoots in their title.

I do not like such artificial supervision of the player. Since we have the whole sandpit for ourselves, I want to build my grandmother in my own way. If I prefer to shoot an enemy station from a distance, using the freshly unlocked mortar for my vehicle, so be it. Manufacturers should respect it. Dusting enemies when I'm not looking is artificial and unnecessary. As if the creators themselves did not believe in the idea of ​​the open world they offered me. Be consistent.

The model itself is quite artificial and wooden, but it was predictable. Despite the harshness of the machines, however, driving is addictive. Playing RAGE 2 creates a nice relationship between the protagonist and his machine. Sometimes we feel almost like a pioneer in the Wild West, who, together with his steel steed, rests in the glow of the setting sun. The climate is definitely.

PS In the later phase of the game, the player gains access to a new category of machines that makes a GREAT impression. I do not want to spoil you, however, the surprise.

The visual layer of RAGE 2 amazed me. The game looks less impressive than I thought.

In RAGE 2, I play on PlayStation 4 Pro. Pampered by the fireworks show at Days Gone, Metro Exodus and Assassin's Creed Origins, I was expecting a beautiful open world. So what was my surprise when I left the hometown of the main character (or heroine) for the first time. My eyes showed the backgrounds that lost focus, as well as three-dimensional objects that read over a distance of 15-20 meters.

Form models are also very poor. Even the main characters, the key to the story, look at most correctly. For it fires, explosions and flames is a real feast for the eyes. Until you want to shoot at all those red barrels, canisters and containers. The game of chiaroscuro is also wonderful. id Sotfware collects a great plus for such a savor as light pouring into the room through a crack under the closed door. Taking into account the variable daily cycle and the moving position of the virtual sun, not every player will notice this type of details. However, it is after them that you can see an experienced developer.

RAGE 2 is the correct action game that lands below expectations for the iconic studio.

Unlike the other id Software brands, RAGE has a problem with gaining the iconic status. The game has fantastic foundations (shooting!), But the projection on the deep water of the open world did not leave the producers the best. Visits pleasantly. It drives nice. There is nothing here that would make me write to you: you have to play it here and now . I play really well with RAGE 2, but it's a game that needs to be done. Otherwise too quickly it gets too repetitive and monotonous.

The biggest advantages:

  • A wonderful mechanism of fire
  • When you unlock a revolver, your jaw will drop
  • Successful character development and special skills
  • Great game in short, hourly doses
  • Climatic locations and bold fun with colors
  • The use of machines. I mean not only wheeled vehicles
  • Fun for 20 - 40 hours

The biggest drawbacks:

  • The open world is empty and does not reward properly for exploration
  • The open world is devoid of interesting NPCs and interactions
  • Banal errors such as falling in the ground or a crazy camera
  • Story? Narration? Scenario? forget
  • Unequal graphic design
  • A very repetitive scheme of missions and tasks

I am convinced that RAGE 2 is unlikely to enter the list of the best games of 2019. Great shooting, good character development, correct exploration and such an open world ... It all adds up to a product that is better to buy for 50 - 100 PLN in the promotion. In RAGE 2, you should play, but not necessarily at the premiere.

Divine shooting, but I turn my nose on the open world. RAGE 2 is moderately furious - review


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