Did I just buy Resident Evil 4 for the seventh time, this time for Switch? Yes. Do I regret the money spent?

Internauts are mourning that Skyrim is a game that is pressed on every electronic device available in the Electronics Household Electronics store. However, the real master of reheated chops is Resident Evil 4. I just bought this survival horror for the seventh time. This time for the Nintendo Switch portable console.

From today's perspective, the declaration that Resident Evil 4 is an exclusive game for the GameCube console is amusing. This promise was made in 2005 by Shinji Mikami - the main producer of a breakthrough horror movie. However, in the same year RE4 made its debut on the competitive PlayStation 2. Since then, survival horror has also appeared on Windows (as a classic and version of Ultimate HD), Nintendo Wii, iOS and Android, Zeebo (?!), PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Now Resident Evil 4 lands on the Nintendo Switch. This is the seventh time I buy this game.

I purchased RE4 for the first time as a kid for the GameCube console. By the way, a great platform, with wonderful games exclusive. What impressed me the most was the edition dedicated to PlayStation 2. Forest in the style of the Blair Witch Project, a red background and he - a lonely humanoid figure holding in his hand something that most likely is a power saw. Say what you want, but for me it's one of the best covers in the history of video games. Wonder.

Then it went downhill. Resident Evil 4 for Nintendo Wii tempted me using motion controllers. I could not refuse RE4 for PlayStation 3, because the game was slightly graphically adjusted. Being at the graphic design, I still remember embarrassingly with the release of the PC. The program initially had no shading present in all other versions. It was fixing a gigantic update. Before I saw it, the RE4 also hit the disk of my PS4. I was going through the game awaiting the premiere of the first person Resident Evil 7.

Now, almost 15 years from the original release of the game, I am buying Resident Evil 4 for the seventh time. This time on the Nintendo Switch console, pulling out from the pocket 124 zlotys. It's a completely irrational purchase. Deprived of sense and logic. Someone may write that I fell on my head or fell under the tailbone from prosperity. Maybe he will be right. This, however, does not interest me at all, because I am already in a village dominated by Los Iluminados. Even the enemy Ganados hunt me with forks, sickles and torches. Es el forastero ! Mátenlo !

If it were not Resident Evil 4, there would be Dead Space, The Evil Within and half of the action games.

Biohazard 4 is one of the most breakthrough games in history for me. Survival horror did not make a clear revolution tailored to Pong (the first video game), Battlezone (one of the first 3D games) or Marathon (the first FPS with a free camera). From the point of view of Capcom itself, it did not achieve anything special. However, if we take the gameplay under the microscope, we will discover that Resident Evil 4 has had a powerful impact on the entire gaming industry. Horror casts its long shadow on it to this day.

I remember how years ago zombie dogs were hanged on Capcom for a controversial decision on shots. The Japanese decided to move the camera to the right shoulder of the hero. Previous editions of the series were characterized by rigid, film shots straight from the set. Resident Evil 4 was the first installment with a tracking camera. And these unbalanced, idiotic shifting of the protagonist's arm ... Why not to the middle? Why not apply a neat shot from Gothica, Mafia or Hitman?

After years, no one of us has any illusions: Capcom was right. Camera over the shoulder is much more interesting than the shot perfectly from behind the back. The solution was quickly copied by other game producers. New versions of such series as Spec Ops, Splinter Cell or Uncharted use the arm as if it were an obvious standard. I am convinced that you did not even notice that before 2005 it was completely different. Man quickly gets used to good and forgets about worse solutions.

Camera work is just one of many, in addition, not the most important element for which Resident Evil 4 is groundbreaking. I will describe the rest of visionary ideas with you in a separate material, if there is a need for it. I just wanted to outline that I really value RE4 - as a video game, as a groundbreaking title, as a turning point for the entire gaming industry. Among others for this reason, I did not hesitate to spend the 124 zlotys. My love for the Resident Evil series is greater than reason, logic and efficient home budget management.

Resident Evil 4 has been adapted to the new aspect ratio and burned 60 frames.

The good news is that the port source for the Switch is RE4 from PC, issued in the form of Ultimate HD. This means graphics in the version of 1080p, with partially improved cardboard. The visual layer is more sharp, more readable and with a better exposure of the second plan. Inscriptions on objects have become legible. The subtitles do not threaten the terrible quality and do not blend with the screen.

Objectively, it is much nicer. Subjectively - well, I will not hide that I have a weakness for a darker, dirtier, less clear picture from GameCube. When I played Resident Evil 4 on a CRT TV decade ago, fuzzy objects and textures were part of grotesque magic. Is it a man or a tree? Branch or hand? I need to get closer and see ... the Switch has no effect. The texture of the skin immediately stands out against the texture of wood. Enemies are not able to set such traps on us as before. Everything has become clearer and clearer. It is a pity that it was not thought about retro mode.

I can not write a bad word about it for 60 frames per second. I know horror lovers who say that horror games should only be activated in film 30 fps. I do not share this view. Twice faster Resident Evil 4 is much more pleasant to receive. Less tires, especially on a small screen. The double number of frames goes hand in hand with an intense action that distinguishes this view from the predecessors. I just have to point out that several times FOP has lost some fps.

Unfortunately, the Resident Evil 4 port for the Nintendo Switch is not as good as it should be.

I am very disappointed with the lack of such basic options as removing subtitles. For this reason, for some reason, vibrations are turned off by default. The buttons are not freely configurable. It is a pity that RE4 has never been a model in the control plane. The game also does not have the easy mode, present in the version for personal computers. Fortunately, there was an additional Separate Ways scenario, available after the first pass of the game. However, the configuration options are scandalous.

The most unpleasant thing is the lack of using the unique functions of the Switch. The touch screen has not been used in any way. It is a pity, because it could facilitate the immediate opening of the map or equipment. Even worse is the fact that the Switch port does not use motion controllers. It's idiotic about the fact that the Nintendo Wii version has been around for many years. Capcom had a ready solution right at hand. It was enough to adapt them to the tiny Joy-Con.

Despite the defective edition of the game, Capcom is paying to pay for Resident Evil 4 for grain. Those 124 zlotys to much more than the price of the port for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If I received support for motion sensors or an interesting retro mode for an additional several dozen zlotys, I would not mind. The publisher, however, is selling a scandalous, naked version, wanting more for it than ever before. Such action deserves to be criticized. It's below decency.

Despite these problems, I know that I will pass Resident Evil 4 once again with a smile on my face.

The game gains a lot on the small screen of the tablet. In 720p resolution, the title no longer appears artificially cleansed and smoothed. It keeps dynamism at 60 frames per second. Resident Evil 4 works very well during short field games. I arrive by bike to the Silesian Park, I sit on the bench, I take Switch out and I do not even know when it's been another 30 minutes. Mobile Resident is a time thief.

Am I satisfied with the quality of the Resident Evil 4 port on the Nintendo Switch? Unfortunately not. Will I still play the game for the 10th time? Definitely yes. Can I recommend it to readers of Spider's Web with a clear conscience? Not at this price.

Did I just buy Resident Evil 4 for the seventh time, this time for Switch? Yes. Do I regret the money spent?


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