Despite her power, Huawei is without a chance against the Americans

The ongoing political crisis between the United States and China has just collected its harvest . One of the largest and most important players on the mobile consumer electronics market must show off a whole new page.

The uncertain relationship between Huawei and the Chinese authorities is certainly a reason to be cautious when organizing tenders for important elements of the communication infrastructure. To date, however, no proof has been found of the sinister actions of the Chinese giant against the interests of the "Western world".

This allows us to believe that Google's inability to continue cooperation with Huawei is motivated not so much by the fear of violating state and trade secrets by the Chinese company, and the ongoing trade war (and not only ...) between the Chinese and American superpowers. We do not know yet whether other Chinese Google partners will have a similar problem - such as Xiaomi or Oppo. Probably they will face a similar fate as the Chinese giant.

Huawei predicted this development, allegedly has its own replacement for Android and Windows. However, this is not a problem.

Huawei will no longer be able to use Android, although it can still use the AOSP (Android Open Source Project). AOSP is for Android, Chromium for Chrome - its foundation and essence, devoid of proprietary and closed Google solutions, including integration with its services. What is particularly severe, AOSP does not have access to Play Services, including the official repository of Android applications

It is not clear how Huaweia and Microsoft will continue to cooperate. Notebooks - in a sense, genius - of this manufacturer operate under the control of the Windows operating system. We know, however, that President Huaweia declared that his company is already preparing for a potential crisis - just like the one that just broke out. And that the work on copyright replacements for Windows and Android are at an advanced stage.

In a way, I believe. I have already dealt with several different versions of Linux-based systems built by Chinese programmers. The game was too short for them to be able to assess their quality, but building any Linux-based system is not difficult - most of the building blocks already built. The trick is to properly refine the UX interface or fit it to the equipment. Huawei, however, has quite a lot of experience in software design - not least because of EMUI. The problem is something else.

These unfortunate services. Huawei has a few of them.

In fact, for a typical customer - we're not talking about geeks - they do not care about the operating system on his phone. After all, individual versions of Android are very different in their use, EMUI from Huaweia also noticeably differs from the Google system in its original version. The customer is to have access to their services. It has to click the icon with the logo of Gmail, Netflix, Twitter and it has to work.

The application problem and the lack of access to Play Store can be partially solved. Web versions - especially in the form of PWA - popular services are very mature. However, not all services are available in such attractive web forms. In addition, it will eventually turn out that some service relies in some way on Google's cloud and connection to Play Services. The Huawei Zdrowie service, even if it is cool - I do not know, I have not tested - nothing will happen to us if our watch can rely solely on Google Fit. And how many services relies on the Google Account to identify the user.

Power in the hands of a few cloud operators.

Recently, we were surprised by the news of the alliance of Sony and Microsoft, under which - among other things - PlayStation services will use the cloud computing of the owner of the Xbox platform. I was worried that this is a very bad sign, because it points to the fact that the global IT market de facto is controlled by just a few companies. Those with properly developed cloud infrastructure. Being respectively means a position that is not to make up for any new player - unless that tolerate huge expenses and will bear them for years before even the cloud starts.

It is unlikely that even such a giant as Huawei would be able to make up for these arrears. The company is a giant on the market of mobile equipment and telecommunications infrastructure, but has a modest experience in software and zero in the provision of services. The potential cloud partner of the group may become the Chinese Alibaba - but it still does not solve the problem of services.

The aggressive and xenophobic policy of Trump's administration has just led to a huge shock on the mobile market.

We can be sure of the Chinese government's sharp reaction, which may have devastating consequences for the entire industry, which relies on Chinese subcontractors to produce their equipment. For now, however, Huawei is in an absolutely dramatic situation, which possible support of Chinese diplomacy will not help.

A great pity. I look with great admiration for the development of Huaweia, now my everyday equipment is a very good phone of this brand and an absolutely brilliant laptop. Part of the sympathy is certainly due to subjective preferences and needs, but I am convinced that even the biggest fans of Samsung or Apple can agree that Huawei is a worthy rival for the producers of their favorite products.

If Huawei does not come up with something and something will not surprise us, he will immediately fall into the second or third division in the consumer electronics market. And it's offering excellent products at usually very attractive prices. The Americans have eliminated a dangerous competitor for their domestic companies.

Only somehow I can not get rid of disgust, looking at everything from the side. Because from which side I will not look at the problem, every time I come to the conclusion that Huawei was defeated not by natural market laws, but by a nasty blow to the crotch.

Despite her power, Huawei is without a chance against the Americans


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