Coca-Cola will clean up after itself

Higher than the Palace of Culture and more majestic than the National Stadium. If from what Varsovians in just a year throw to the trash, create a building, we would have a really impressive skyscraper in the capital.

At the meeting at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw, representatives of Coca-Cola discussed, among other things, the problem of garbage. Who, who, but a global corporation dealing in the production of beverages in cans and plastic and glass bottles from a junk problem should be aware. And it seems. Coca-Cola has made a serious promise - by 2030, it will collect the same amount of packaging waste that it has put into the market for recycling. Help her in this recycled machine purchased for Warsaw.

Coca-cola is rehabilitating after a spectacular match at the start of an action to encourage the sorting of rubbish

At the end of April some Polish influencers got mysterious parcels. In the # hashtags we still change the cardboard box they could find a letter and ... an empty plastic bottle of Coca-Cola. According to the attached instructions, they were to throw it out themselves, learning to sort the garbage in this way. Seriously.

The campaign managed to generate media hype, but not what the creators hoped for. The corporation was reminded that it is one of the companies that use the most plastic all over the world. Coca-Cola has over 500 different brands and 4,300 products. It's a lot of drinks. Many bottles. A lot of trash. If someone came to the conclusion that sending empty plastic bottles is a great way to inform you that you care about our already already littered planet , you do not know. It will be forever one of those unfathomable mysteries of humanity that surprises even after years.

Coca-Cola is responsible for littering the globe and fortunately realizes it. After the first image mischief, she reached for much better tools, which not only does not contribute to the production of garbage, but also have a real chance to change something even better.

Recycling and rewards for sorting garbage in the capital

Coca-Cola funds 10 recyclers in the capital. They are to encourage Warsaw residents and visitors to segregate rubbish. For polite behavior - manifested by the use of vending machines - you can get points exchangeable, among other things, for various types of discounts for coffee or cinema tickets.

The machines are child's play. If we want to get points for our rubbish, we must first download the appropriate application by scanning the QR code on the wall of the device. When we open it, a QR code assigned to our account will be shown, which we can easily scan in the recycler.

Once the automaton knows, whose account is to transfer a point for landing trash inside it, we just throw in the waste we came with. There is no fear that we will make a mistake. If we try to throw away materials that we do not accept, he will inform us about it and will not accept our gift. At the end of the machine will check what we threw and send to our account the right number of ECO-points.

The machines were created by EcoTech System. Machines accept PET bottles, glass and aluminum. Konrad Romek, the president of the company, explains that while the machine's internal algorithm recognizes the type of waste based on their appearance and weight, and then segregates them into appropriate containers.

Ten such machines are to appear this year in Warsaw. Until the end of the summer holidays, the first five and the rest in autumn. It is not yet known exactly where they will stand, it is determined by the City Hall. As for now, only two locations are certain - at Plac Bankowy and Ząbkowska.

The fight against the wave that floods us is not only about segregation, it also means less waste production. Coca-Cola announced that it is working on new types of packaging that are to be more environmentally friendly. As he declares, by 2025, all its packaging will be 100 percent. recyclable, and in the uncertain future, at least 50 percent made of recycled materials . Only the remaining 50 percent worry me.

Loyalty sorting

Waste segregation is only one element of pro-ecological activities, but a key element for environmental protection. It is easier to persuade people to sort waste and transfer it to recycling than to significantly reduce their production. Even our government knows that, but instead of encouraging consumers to segregate, it wants to raise the price of drinks in plastic bottles by PLN 0.20 by law . That is why Coca-Cola's campaign deserves a pathetic patting of the company on the back, but so far only.

Recycling containers will appear only in Warsaw and only in 10 points. This is the largest such action, but definitely too small to be able to talk about introducing a real change this year. This is just the first step. The key for the whole project will be how it will work for the year and how its future will go. I keep my fingers crossed for developing it in other cities. 10 recyclers is a drop in the ocean of needs.

Any action that encourages recycling is needed. It is not everyone's arguments about caring for the environment, the future of our children or the future of the entire planet. Until sorting does not get us into the blood and it will not be a natural way to deal with rubbish, you have to use other methods of persuasion. Will ecopoints be tempting enough, we will see for a year.

Coca-Cola will clean up after itself


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