Cloud cloud cloud. Dell Technologies Cloud is focused on cooperation

dell cloud

Dell's clients use not only hybrid clouds, but also parallel to many public clouds. That's why Dell Technologies Cloud is designed to work with AWS or IBM Cloud.

Dell is certainly not a novice on the corporate cloud computing market. Products and solutions from Dell EMC and Vmware have been used by countless companies around the world for years. Now, however, the giant has presented a comprehensive solution, which is simply - Dell Technologies Cloud.

This cloud seems to be an obvious step in the evolution of Dell's offer. It binds to the best of this company's technology related to data centers and public clouds, but also successfully integrates with Amazon Web Services solutions. Vmware simultaneously announced its Vmware Cloud - consisting of vSphere, vSAN and NSX - running on the Dell EMC infrastructure. To complete the offer, Dell also announced something called DCaaS (data center as a service).

"Our clients work on average three to five clouds, but want a coherent operational model."

dell cloud

Dell knows it perfectly. Not so much from personal experience - though it is quite rich - but above all on the basis of many years of Vmware history, in which he has a majority share. No wonder that Vmware solutions are a kind of glue that combines the components of Dell Technologies Cloud. - Over the last year, Dell EMC and Vmware have worked closely together to understand how the world defined by hardware and software-defined can be combined - as I was persuaded by myself and the other guests Matt Baker at Dell Technologies World.

Dell actually has all the pieces of the puzzle to be able to create a complete cloud solution that will meet the needs of its corporate clients. And those most often use hybrid clouds and several public clouds. Dell Technologies offers excellent hyper-converged systems and solutions that perform well in local and hybrid clouds, such as SecureWorks. Closely cooperating with him, Vmware has products that can easily handle software containerization and which can work in parallel with many clouds. In fact, Vmware is doing so well that it is hardly surprising that it is still almost completely autonomous, although in theory Dell could absorb it into its own structures.

Dell Technologies Cloud is a dream come true for Michael Dell.

dell cloud

During his speech, the President recalled his words from three years ago, in which he described the way he thinks in his company. To plan development not for years, but for decades ahead. And according to Michael Della, the complete offer of cloud infrastructure is one of the most important steps to be "the most trusted supplier of the infrastructure of the future industrial revolution".

This way of thinking has imposed some changes when it comes to cooperation between Dell and Vmware. For example, Dell EMC VXrail and Vmware Cloud Foundation have been designed so that their development is coherent and parallel. Solutions from Dell EMC and Vmware will be even more closely integrated. Of course, the client can decide about the details of such integration.

I can not resist the impression that Vmware is a jewel in the crown of Dell.

Dust has fallen long after the largest in the history of IT the acquisition of one company by another . We've all got used to the idea that EMC does not exist anymore - because it is Dell EMC. EMC hardware and Dell services are now integrated with Vmware solutions to make managing and monitoring multicloud environments much easier and less complicated.

Dell Technologies Cloud definitely can not even be compared with solutions such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. However, it does not quite compete with them (well, Azure Stack exists, but it does not have any significant success on the market). It's something completely different. Something that is the answer to the needs of Dell's numerous clients. And something that could not have arisen without Vmware's knowledge and experience.

Cloud cloud cloud. Dell Technologies Cloud is focused on cooperation


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