Changes in the mBank panel. Soon you will see a new history of the operation

If you have been looking for a specific transaction in the mBank online banking panel so far, it took you too much time, then we have good news. The mBank panel will gain a new, significantly improved operation history.

The history panel in mBank's banking so far has included the "Change view" button, which often needed to be used to access a specific transaction. Now this will change and you will not need to switch the view. This will give you several benefits, the first of which will be the possibility of suspecting balance on your account after the operation. To do this, just activate the "Balance" slider.

In addition, you will be able to download a statement of operations in PDF or CSV format. In the main history view you will be able to choose the option "Export list", after which we will get a summary statement in the selected file format. In addition, suspensions and locks will be visible directly on the menu.

The new history panel at mBank also searches and filters results without unnecessary clicking.

Finding a specific item in the list of transactions will be facilitated by filters that will now appear in the panel on the left side of the screen. You will be able to narrow your results due to the period, amount, type or bank account.

The search engine will also gain some new features. It will be possible to search not only for a specific amount, but also the range of amounts, by entering, for example, the simple "100 - 200" command. In the search results, you can also select several transactions and perform a collective action on them.

These changes will come into force at any moment.

Some mBank users are already seeing a new history panel. If you do not belong to them yet, you will definitely not miss the news, because the banking system will notify each user individually about new products in the panel.

mbank new panel

mBank also plans further changes in the panel, but again they will be implemented gradually, in small steps. The upcoming novelty is the desktop prepared with respect for the RWD rules, which means that the interface will be scaled to the size of the browser and the screen size of the device on which we use the transaction website.

Such a change model is heavily stretched over time, but at the same time it does not turn upside down the way the bank interacts. In the case of a bank, the method of evolution instead of revolution is a very good idea.

Changes in the mBank panel. Soon you will see a new history of the operation


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