But I have a dilemma with Mortal Kombat 11 on Nintendo. A miracle that this game works in 60 frames, but there is a lot of BUT

It's almost a miracle that Shiver Entertainment managed to move Mortal Kombat 11 to Switch, retaining 60 frames. Unfortunately, in order for the liquidity expected by the fighters' fans to be maintained, on the altar you had to make generous sacrifices with resolution, smoothing edges, textures and special effects. These compromises disturb me more than I thought.

The graphics are not the most important thing - I said to myself, launching the Mortal Kombat 11 on the Nintendo Switch for the first time. Previously, I was dealing with the PlayStation 4 Pro edition . So I knew that my visual experience would be noticeably worse. I was ready for it. I was prepared. I did not expect, however, that the sharp graphic congress is waiting for me in the main menu!

Mortal Kombat 11 on the Nintendo Switch console welcomed me with the distribution of fonts and shapes.

The picture of the game displayed on the 4K TV is so low resolution that the letters and numbers of the menu have started to live their own lives. Their edges are out of focus and fluid. Until man remembered playing on the CRT monitor, without anti-aliasing enabled. However, going back in time for a dozen or so years did not herald any good news. Every problem I saw in the menu was multiplied during the actual game.

Mortal Kombat 11 is one of the most drastically affected ports that appeared on the Switch. Earlier mentioned teething can be seen in the palm of your hand when you are watching character models. Scaling the resolution has led to the appearance of stairs visible to the naked eye, which spoil the visual reception. This type of imperfection always masked the shading in some way. The problem is that the shadows and reflections on the Switch have been almost neutered from the game. Thus, every graphic compromise is visible on the palm of your hand. The mobile MK11 multiplies it.

The game does not replace textures in real time. The sea of ​​blood with PS4 on the Switch is a rivulet.

When playing on PlayStation 4 Pro, warriors loved to mess with their hands. Their clothes, their skin, their faces became all red. This was evident especially during film sequences such as Fatal Blows, Brutality or Fatality. On the Switch, all the faces are smooth and clean, just like after a bath. This leads to a funny, even comic contrast. A stream of blood pours from my victim's head, spurting left and right. The patience, however, remains neat as if he was about to go to the first communion.

A separate issue that caught my attention is hair. Bristles. Hair. Elements of this type are very strange and unnatural on the Switch. Female characters look as if they were in the middle of intense baldness. Men's hair is in turn strangely discolored, losing its natural color. Black becomes gray, gray becomes white and so on. And the eyelashes ... on the cutscenes, Johny Cage's eyes look as if the warrior had something attached to them. It's like a detail, but it makes me uncomfortable spinning in my chair.

The arenas were also greatly damaged. These have lost their depth and advanced graphic effects.

The analysis of the arenas from the mobile Mortal Kombat 11 clearly shows how important the chiaroscuro in video games. When it is missing, the location begins to look like a bizarre dummy. Or a photo set of the series, on which the spotlights burn every shadow that testifies to depth and space. Despite these problems, some arenas in MK11 still look great. The ruins of the Shang Tsung Island, the Fiery Garden or Ship Kharon enjoy the eyes. However, there are places - like the nest of a great insect - that these eyes almost burn. The quality of the background can be very uneven.

The number of frames per second during movie sequences is also uneven. Observing Fatality, the MK11 is able to slow down below 30 frames per second. This is especially felt during animations with a large number of variables, such as the sequence of Frost's warrior. I'm not a walking abacus of fps, but I have the impression that during her Fatality, the flow of animation drops to a dozen (!) Frames per second. Similar dips can be noticed during the introductory animations, when the militant is obstructing verbal meat before ... you know, churning real meat.

Mobile MK11 can boast the same content for it. There are even more on the Switch.

The mobile edition of the product has not been neutered from any mode or module. Plot, crypt, time towers, challenge towers, local fight, tournament, online, AI fight, collection, training, Fatality training and training - here is everything that Mortal Kombat 11 has to offer on stationary platforms. Ba, Nintendo Switch has even more to offer, using the unique specifics of a portable console.

The uniqueness of the mobile MK11 is an ad-hoc module that allows you to play against another Switch owner even without access to the network. The consoles form a local network for quick gameplay without looking for access points and wireless networks. Everything is intuitive, simple and convenient. In addition, Mortal Kombat 11 can also be played in front of one tablet, via one Joy-Cona per person. You give your second pad to your friend and you're done. FIGHT!

Of course, playing on tiny Joy is a bit of a fight. We are then condemned to analogue directions, and the precision of the controller cries out for vengeance to heaven. But if we jumped on a beer with my friends and we want to kick their butts at a table full of mugs and nuts - hey, why not? It's always interesting to vary the meeting. Unfortunately, even on the screen of the tablet MK11 still scare the edges and lack of shadows. The gameplay is definitely not run in the native 720p. Pay attention to my screenshots. Their low sharpness immediately suggests that a powerful resolution reduction has been made. However, 60 frames have been preserved.

It is because of the liquidity and field play that I do not regret the money spent on MK11.

Someone may say that buying the same game twice is a fad. That it was falling down, you know where. However, after more than a week from Mortal Kombat on Switch, the game's counter begins to approach the total time I spent with MK11 for PS4. Somehow I play an uglier and less precise version of the product more often, although the same Mortal is waiting for me in the living room, installed on Soniak connected to a big TV set. "Nintendo Magic"?

Although in MK11 on Switch I play like crazy, I could not recommend this version to Spider's Web readers. Too many compromises have been made to put this fist on the tablet screen. Too many victims donated blood at the altar of optimization. A gigantic disadvantage is the availability of services. MK11 requires constant network access for most modes. Playing during a break in a bike trip I had to create an iPhone hotspot to show friends how towers work. There is no problem on PS4 because I do not put the PS4 in my backpack during a city trip.

The portable Mortal Kombat 11 is great for killing time or dominating friends. However, nothing more. This is not a version worth training in order to be successful online and the amateur ESL league. The cup will not be from this. It's always worth it to wipe the nose of several buddies.

All screen shots come from the game Mortal Kombat 11 running on the Nintendo Switch

But I have a dilemma with Mortal Kombat 11 on Nintendo. A miracle that this game works in 60 frames, but there is a lot of BUT


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