Beckham spoke in nine languages ​​thanks to visual synthesis

Synthesia develops software that allows you to create films, including promotional ones, using artificial intelligence with minimal human participation. When editing the original material, you can change the voice, gestures, language spoken by the protagonist and even the script.

The London-based company Synthesia became famous thanks to its recent work in the charity campaign with David Beckham's "Malaria No More." During the project implementation, the startup software was used to animation of the former footballer's face to allow him to speak fluently in nine different languages, which he does not really use.

The next video reveals the details of the project implementation.

We use artificial intelligence to do something that we call visual synthesis. The same is done in a Hollywood studio. We use video to build a 3D model and then recreate it, thanks to which we can change the language. Even the script of the film can be changed - says the co-founder of the company Victor Riparbelli.

According to , ENACT, the cloud platform created by Synthesia allows its users to automatically generate personalized and interactive video content in a fast (up to 48 hours) and inexpensive way.

To achieve a fully photorealistic human video synthesis, the company's engineers had to develop new technologies in the field of computer vision, graphics and deep learning. A technical solution similar to that used to create traditional visual effects, while the company's software uses a series of deep learning technologies to make the process completely automated.

Recently, the London startup received $ 3.1 million. investment in the development of video transmission using AI.

The main investor was Mark Cuban (LDV Capital), which was joined by MMC Ventures, Seedcamp, VAS Ventures, Taavet Hinrikus (co-founder of TransferWise), Tiny VC and Nigel Morris.

Synthesia technology services can be particularly useful in advertising agencies and marketing companies that want to reach selected cultural groups, create a potential customer sense that the message has been prepared especially for him. At the same time, they save time and money.

Whether we like it or not, consumers today expect communication in the form of video materials that are adapted to them. Traditional ads rarely refer to the feelings and emotions of the target group, they look the same for everyone, and even in one country can live completely different nationalities.

An example of adapting a promotional film to representatives of a given target group may be the Plus advertisement with the offer for Ukrainians. The company created a message in Ukrainian on a topic close to the target group, i.e. earnings in Poland. In other words, the recipients are more likely to watch the message in which the protagonist speaks their native language on topics understandable and close to them, but creating a separate message for each nationality in the target group may turn out to be too expensive.

Our mission is to facilitate the implementation of creative ideas without traditional barriers such as time, budget and skill. We are happy that we can cooperate with such a large and diverse team of investors to implement our vision - adds Victor Riparbelli.

Virtual TV presenters in China and Russia

Startup Synthesia is not the only one that is developing towards creating films with artificial intelligence. In 2018, the Xinhua news agency together with the Chinese internet company Sogou presented the world's first digital TV presenter from SI.

According to the creators, artificial intelligence is able to analyze human facial expressions, way of speaking, gestures and his voice. To create a movie in the program, just load the video with a live presenter and the necessary text. The hologram presents messages, copying the features of the "original" presenter.

In April 2019, Sberbank (Russia's largest bank) introduced a digital TV presenter. The software got the name "Elena" and works in the same way as the presenter from China described above - after loading the video and text, the program generates a new movie. Virtual Elena copies gestures, voice and way of speaking the original version of yourself. They plan to use "Elena" in the creation of advertising, educational materials, as well as in household appliances.

Among the main advantages of using virtual presenters, as the authors of the idea emphasize, is the possibility of broadcasting messages 24/7. A virtual presenter never gets tired. In addition, he does not make mistakes, which means that it will take much less time to create the episode.

The company's clients are already BBC, Accenture and Buzzfeed.

The London startup came out of hiding in November 2018, broadcasting its first public demo at the BBC - news feeder Matthew Amroliwala, speaking in three different languages. Among the clients of the startup are global brands such as Accenture, McCann Worldgroup, Dallas Mavericks and Axiata Group.

Can a similar innovation be used to create fake news and misinformation?

Synthesia declares that it has established hard ethical guidelines and ensures that all created content is true. It does not offer software that can be downloaded and used without anyone being controlled. The video material goes through the internal control process.

The creators of the technology also undertake that:

  • they will never use someone's image without his express consent. This also includes videos with the participation of politicians and celebrities - even for satirical purposes.
  • Synthesia will continue to actively work with media organizations, governments and research institutions to develop best practices and educate on video synthesis technologies to reduce potential negative impacts from their use.

Beckham spoke in nine languages ​​thanks to visual synthesis


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