At the time of writing, Peak Design collected over half a million dollars for a new photo tripod

The crowdsurfing campaign at Kickstarter for the new Peak Design Travel Tripod is a pure formality. I'm not surprised. Their new tripod for travelers promises to be sensational.

The Peak Design company did not stop with backpacks , bags and handles and belts. A new collection of money has just been launched at the Kickstarter , where the company is collecting an innovative tripod for travelers Peak Design Travel Tripod. The company gave almost half a month to collect half a million dollars, but the lower limit exceeded in an hour. Around the time I wrote this text.

Peak Design Travel Tripod

What is the tripod everyone can see

The tripod has been known for years, the basic tool of many photographers. It is also probably the most boring accessory we use. Personally, I hate tripods and avoid them as much as I can. Tripods are clumsy, often heavy and uncomfortable. Under certain conditions, however, they are absolutely necessary.

Peak Design is famous for creating innovative products that in a sense change the rules of the game in their areas. This time, a company from San Francisco is going to change the market of tripods. And I sincerely hope that they will succeed.

Peak Design Travel Tripod promises to be a great tripod for travelers

Peak Design Travel Tripod has been designed in a slightly different way than most tripods, although it serves the same - stabilizing the cameras.

The legs of the Peak Design product have a more elongated, flat shape, thanks to which the tripod folds up in the rest condition, practically wasting no space between the legs. Classic tripods have round legs, and when you put in between them, lots of space is wasted. As a result, the Peak Design tripod is much smaller.

After folding, the tripod is only 39.4 cm (height) x 8.3 cm (width). The manufacturer states that their accessory takes up less than half the space compared to classic tripods. Thanks to this, it will fit in the average water pocket, which can be found in virtually any bag or backpack. For me, this is a very important argument. In the end you will not have to combine with various uncomfortable fixings.

This reminds me a bit of the construction of the latest batteries in the MacBook. Previously, they had a classic, round shape, like sticks, which meant that there was a lot of room in the cabinet. The current design of the battery fills the casing almost entirely.

The tripod weighs 1.27 kg in the carbon version and 1.56 kg on the aluminum model. This weight is comparable to the rivals' competition, there is no revelation. The device is distributed to a height of 1.49 m and its maximum lifting capacity is 9.1 kg. According to assurances from the specification, the tripod is able to safely lift the reflex camera with a telephoto lens. It is also the only such a stylish, even beautiful stand on the market.

Peak Design Travel Tripod

The round head focuses on simplicity and speed of use

In an interesting way, a tripod head has been designed, which is round instead of rectangular as in any classic tripod. Nevertheless, it is compatible with the Arca Swiss foot.

The ball head is operated by a large, round shield. After unscrewing it, the head can be turned in any direction. We also have a clever footer latch here. To put on the camera, you do not have to turn anything, do not change anything. Just attach the camera to the head and the latch will work automatically.

Under the head there is a knob to control the column. At the bottom end you will find a hook for hanging a backpack or load. This is not a novelty, but rather an industry standard. A trinket, for which I loved this tripod, is hidden in the column of the smartphone holder. Just unscrew the hook, remove the handle and attach it to the head. I love practical things.

Peak Design Travel Tripod

Peak Design Travel Tripod - price and availability

The new tripod for travelers Peak Design Travel Tripod costs 289 dollars. in aluminum and $ 479 for a model made of carbon. The first copies are to be delivered to the owners in December 2019. Currently, the products are also available only on Kickstarter .

At the time of writing, Peak Design collected over half a million dollars for a new photo tripod


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