At Orange Flex, it s better not to look at what it is today, but what it can be tomorrow

Orange heated the atmosphere for a week, so I do not hide that - although an experienced and graying journalist - I turned to the details of the new offer with baking.

"What can be there?! ..." The first reaction was: "Łeeeee ... as usual, PR exaggeration" (best regards Wojtek Jabczyński!). I counted (naiwniak) for the revolution, and everything (as usual) seemed familiar and unpractical.

Contract and service in the application? He was already Folx, he is Play Next.

Prices? Not bad, but there are a lot of cheaper offers, such as nju mobile or Premium Mobile.

An agreement without loyalty? A valuable thing, but every subscriber has it today after 24 months, or a pre-paid service user.

Payment by card? I also pay for it - for a quite traditional mobile subscription.

Video Pass, Music Pass, Social Pass? We have known such solutions (called "zero-rating") for a long time and now we just get from Orange in the next variant.

No contract? Innovative and bold interpretation of the law currently in force, but let's be honest that the contract is the customer's nose. The contract is of interest to UOKiK.

Confirming identity with the help of a selfie and scan of an identity document? As above.

Remote activation of the service using the eSIM module? Cool, but eSIM has only a few new iPhones today.

The necessity of ordering a SIM card and the related courier's visit, or the need to stroll to the Orange showroom, effectively eliminates a significant part of Flex's innovative conveniences. It causes that in practice it differs little from what we have on the market, although it unquestionably offers a few - various usefulness - fountains.

But something can make a difference. And it's big.

This something will be Orange Flex offers (because now probably will also fall away from other operators) along with the popularization of eSIM technology. Then purchases of mobile services will become really impulsive.

The operator pissed us off? Tick! - we are terminating the old service and uploading a new one. Someone offered a 1 GB data packet? Tick! - we are terminating the old service and uploading a new one. A mobile service with Netflix subscription appears? Tick! - we are terminating the old service and uploading a new one. Does anyone offer a nice handset at a good price? Tick! - we are terminating the old service and uploading a new one. (then, of course, the new service will no longer be unlimited).

eSIM will change the rules of the marketing game on the mobile market.

Operators will give infinite possibilities to create new offers, and give us infinite possibilities to succumb to every whim, putting our loyalty on a big question mark. Provided, however, that eSIM will not be only a technological curiosity in high-end cameras - as it is today. Will this change? Maybe, but there is no certainty. The movement that people from Orange made, suggests that they think so and it is worth considering.

OK. We have a little bit of enthusiasm, now we have a couple of chills with cold water. eSIM can remain a luxury curiosity. "In-app" services may not achieve critical mass and remain, despite advantages, a niche. They will attract customers who do not buy headphones from the operator, and at best only half of the market.

Older and more conservative clients will not be able to cope with the application and will stay with traditional service. More than one will be afraid of connecting a payment card to the application. And finally, Play Next, a few months after the start, remains somewhat hidden, which is not a good sign for similar offers. I could do it for a long time ...

Orange Flex is like the first swallow. Spring is not yet done, but it is worth watching as he waves his wings.

Łukasz Dec - founder and editor of the website. A journalist in the technology industry for almost 20 years.

At Orange Flex, it's better not to look at what it is today, but what it can be tomorrow


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