Apple sent invitations to WWDC 2019. We summarize what new products we can expect this year

Apple has already sent invitations for this year's edition of the conference for developers, which will take place in early June. We summarize what you can expect from WWDC 2019.

The Cupertino company focuses attention several times a year. The most important of course are the autumn premieres of new iPhones, but other regular events are also organized. One of them is the Worldwide Developers Conference, which attracts the attention of programmers, media and enthusiasts of new technologies.

It is at this conference that Apple presents new versions of its operating systems: iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. This year, the San Jose McEnery Convention Center was selected for the venue. Keynote was scheduled for June 3, 2019, and panels and workshops will be organized over the next few days.

Apple WWDC 2019 - what do we expect?

Last year, Apple did not overwhelm us with many new features in its most important software, iOS 12 for mobile devices. The producer focused mainly on patching errors. This year, we are counting on much more new products - both in iOS 13 and in macOS 10.15, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13.

iOS 13 - dark mode and more.

The most striking novelty in the next version of the software for iPhones and iPads is the dark interface theme. A similar solution was achieved a year ago to macOS Mojave. Updates are looking forward to the following applications: Health, Reminders and Maps. The keyboard will also be refreshed.

macOS 10.15 - Marzipan, iOS apps on a Mac.

In the case of macOS, we are counting on further information about the Marzipan project, i.e. the possibility of porting applications from iOS to Mac computers. Already last year, Apple moved a few of its own applications. Now the right tools are supposed to reach independent programmers.

watchOS 6 and tvOS 13 - more autonomy and VOD service.

When it comes to Apple Watche, watchos are expected to appear, among others new shields and an option to install applications directly on the watches. In the case of tvOS, we expect further work related to the integration of the forthcoming VOD service called Apple TV + in the software.

apple mac pro 2019

Equipment at WWDC 2019

Worldwide Developers Conference is an event organized for programmers. The company will focus on it on mobile systems and new APIs. However, it is not out of the question that there will also be new equipment, including developers could use in their work.

Mac Pro 2019 - a computer for the most demanding users.

The previous edition of the Mac Pro resembling a garbage bin appeared in 2013. Since then, only a few improvements have been made. Apple, however, realizes that it is very late with the release of the successor, which is why in 2017 he invited selected journalists to make them aware that he is constantly working on his successor .

A year has passed and the company still has not announced the expected release date of this computer . Between the lines it was possible to deduce that the new Mac Pro will go to store shelves in 2019. I do not expect it to appear on them in a few days, but the presentation of a new powerful machine at a conference for programmers would simply be a good idea.

Thunderbolt Display 2019 - 6K monitor .

Apple had monitors in its offer, but a few years ago this product line disappeared. The company focused on desktop, portable and all-in-one computers. Her partner in the segment of screens has been Korean LG - and this cooperation continues . It is possible, however, that Thunderbolt Display 2019 will be shown at WWDC 2019. I would not be surprised if that happened.

The announcement of the next station would be an ideal moment to show new screens, which stylistics could refer to iMac and iMac Pro computers. There are rumors that among them Thunderbolt Display 6K might appear - and the Mac Pro 2019 should be a computer that would have enough computing power to generate such a high resolution image.

Apple sent invitations to WWDC 2019. We summarize what new products we can expect this year


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