Apple provides iOS 12.3. Among the new features TV support with AirPlay 2

Apple officially released the latest version of iOS marked 12.3 today to iPhone owners. What's new?

Most of the changes from today's update are for TVs with AirPlay 2. From now on, if we have the right TV, we can share videos, photos and music directly on the TV without the need for a dedicated Apple TV. Samsung was the first to introduce this new product, which promises that the Apple TV application and AirPlay support will be made available by updating the software on TV sets in the coming days .

The company also adds that:

The new Apple TV application is fully integrated with the Samsung Smart TV platform, which means that it has received a dedicated icon. Through it, viewers will get quick and easy access to their library of movies and programs in iTunes. They will also be able to browse, buy and rent productions from over 100,000. titles available in iTunes, including materials in the highest quality 4K HDR.

Through Apple TV, viewers around the world can also subscribe to Apple TV channels - paying only for those that interest them - and watch them on-demand directly in the app. Users of the same lines of Samsung Smart TVs will also be able to use Apple TV +, the original Apple service that allows subscription to video content as soon as it will be launched this fall.

Added to this is the new Apple TV application, unfortunately not available in Poland , as well as a number of amendments, including:

  • The Apple Music for You card is now updated several times a day
  • A problem with disconnecting phone calls made using a WiFi network has been fixed
  • A problem with the lack of displaying information from the iPhone on the screen in the car has been fixed

The update can be found in the Settings application, in the General -> Updates section. If we've decided before that we want to automatically download and install updates, we do not have to do anything.

Apple provides iOS 12.3. Among the new features TV support with AirPlay 2


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