Apple promises to inform you that the iOS update can affect iPhone performance

The UK government site has announced that Apple has committed to providing more readable information about the performance of iPhones and informing customers that the software upgrade can affect the performance of devices.

This is the aftermath of the scandals from the end of 2017, when it came to light that the manufacturer introduced a systemic limitation of performance of their smartphones in a situation where the condition of the battery prevented servicing the so-called. "Peak power consumption". Apple explained that the system-level performance constraint was designed to prevent users from unexpectedly shutting down devices.

The British Competition and Markets Authority took care of the matter. Consumers complained that the company had implemented performance management silently without informing anyone about it.

Government authorities were concerned by the fact that due to performance constraints, customers might have wanted to repair or replace smartphones without knowing that Apple had introduced a slowing mechanism in the operating system. Now, Apple has committed to clearly communicating to consumers the mechanism of performance management.

Apple will inform customers that a software upgrade can affect the performance of devices

Apple not only committed to posting easily accessible information on battery performance and condition management. The promise to inform British consumers is much more important that software updates can slow down the hardware. The manufacturer will also inform the owners of future and current iPhones how to maximize the battery's health

The affair with the slowing down of iPhones had a big image meaning for Apple.

The efficiency management mechanism was introduced - as we have already mentioned - silently. When it was discovered, Apple had to face a serious image crisis. It was in connection with this scandal that the program of cheaper battery replacement in iPhones from model 6 was launched. It lasted throughout 2018. In Poland, the cost of replacement was PLN 129.

At the end of March 2018, the manufacturer released iOS 11.3 , which introduced the Battery condition function. Thanks to it, we can check what the maximum capacity of the battery is expressed in percentage and whether the device is ready for peak power consumption.

Apple explains that the iPhone can turn itself off in three situations: in the case of low battery, high chemical age cells and low temperatures. The phones system analyzes various factors and reduces the performance of the smartphone. As a result, applications may open slower, animations may be less fluid, and may even decrease by 3 decibels the volume of audio playback through the speakers.

Ultimately, Apple allowed disabling performance management features. The owner of the iPhone, whose hardware the mechanism began to operate as a result of an unexpected shutdown of the device can itself restore the maximum efficiency. If the iPhone turns off again, the function will turn on again.

Apple initially informed that the above-described mechanism applies to iPhones 6, 6s, SE, 7 and their Plus version. The systems in the 8 and X iPhones were to be more modern and better to manage energy consumption and efficiency. Finally, in November last year, iPhones 8 and X joined the group of devices that may be slowing down.

Apple should inform globally about the consequences of performance management.

The agreement with the British authorities should be implemented all over the world. Why? When at the end of 2017 it came to light that the manufacturer introduced a mechanism for cutting performance without the users' knowledge there were accusations that the company deliberately slows down the equipment to increase sales of new devices. The company's translations did not help, that an unexpected turning off the iPhone could lead to dangerous situations, such as the inability to connect to emergency numbers.

The company's bosses quickly understood their mistake. Therefore, a cheaper battery replacement program and a mechanism to disable performance management in iOS were introduced. Now, following the agreement announced by the British government, Apple should also comply with this agreement in other countries. This will protect the manufacturer against accusations and make consumers aware that the efficiency-reducing mechanism exists.

Apple promises to inform you that the iOS update can affect iPhone performance


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