Apple has overestimated iPhone s working time on a single charge. Half!

The iPhone XR has the best working time from Apple phones. It seems, however, that the Tim Cook company is overestimating its capabilities anyway. At least according to a group of British researchers, and if the starting point is to adopt a parameter that is not important today, the time of voice talks.

The phones with the logo of the bitten apple on the casing are great devices, but their Achilles heel has always been accumulators. It is not without reason that Apple's offer includes cases with an additional link called affectionately dromedaries and compared to Fiat Multipla, and every second iPhone owner can change the word powerbank by all cases.

I also often load my iPhone XS during the day. Consumers, in turn, have long ceased to believe in the provision of consumer electronics manufacturers as to the time their devices work on a single charge. Usually, the results achieved under controlled conditions have no effect on how quickly the current escapes from the cells during everyday use.

In the case of the iPhone XR , however, the situation looks quite good.

A small screen resolution and energy-saving processor combined with a high-capacity cell heralded the long-lasting phone on one charge from all previously released iPhones. I was able to confirm the assumptions during the tests last year - the iPhone XR actually performs much better in this respect than the top iPhone XS.

The topic of the length of work time on a single charge in Apple's phones is now coming back as a boomerang. According to Business Insider , Which? she decided to check how promises made by producers translate into the real performance of their devices. After the measurements, it turned out that the iPhone manufacturer overestimates the capabilities of its latest phone.

According to Which? Apple has overestimated the working time of the iPhone XR by half.

To see if the information provided by Apple and other companies coincides with how phones are doing in the real world, Which? tested several dozens of phones, including nine different models of iPhones. In no case could the results be as good as the producer argued. iPhone XR fell in tests the least.

Keeping in mind the fact that the iPhone XR worked on one charge for the longest of all Apple phones I used so far, I accepted this information in disbelief. However, it quickly became clear where this cognitive dissonance came from. Which? it focused on the parameter, which is not important at present, the time of voice calls.

Apple declares that the iPhone XR will withstand 25 hours of voice calls.

During the Which? Tests? however, the phone discharged after 16 hours and 32 minutes. Do not forget, however, that devices in this category consume energy much faster when browsing the web, streaming multimedia, taking photos and playing games than during conversations. The entire load from the cell can escape then not in a dozen or so, and in just a few hours.

It is also worth mentioning that Apple is not the only company that in the Which? fared worse than she declares herself. In the case of HTC smartphones, the differences were only 5, not 50 percent. like Apple's. In turn, in the case of smartphones from Nokia, Samsung and Sony, the results were much better. From the consumer's statistical perspective, this parameter is not important.

Even if Apple overstated the maximum talk time on a single charge, iPhone XR in terms of overall work time is much better than the other devices from the Cupertino company and it is one of its biggest advantages. The fact that competition is often better at this angle is, of course, a separate issue ...

Apple has overestimated iPhone's working time on a single charge. Half!


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