An unstoppable killer will get a game on PC and consoles. John Wick Hex is something else than you expect

Three firearms with arms. You break your hand to the left. You are hiding from the ball to the right, and then you shoot yourself in the middle of the bandit. You twist the back of your vital shield and move forward. Purely. In John Wick Hex, a similar situation will not be played as in the film production of the action. The title is ... a strategy.

Adored by fans of popcorn action movies, John Wick will receive his own game. Lionsgate Games is responsible for its production - a studio subordinate to the film studio, which has among others Mobile Rangers fight: Legacy Wars. This time, the developers will take on a more extensive and ambitious project, which will eventually hit personal computers with Windows and MacOS systems, as well as the latest consoles.

John Wick Hex will not be a game of action, but a strategy based on making quick decisions.

Pull the weapon or turn the neck? First, attack it on the left or the right one? Use a firearm and maybe stick a knife on the torso? These are the dilemmas that we will face during the game at John Wick Hex. Players will receive a wide range of possibilities, but only a part of them will guarantee effectiveness. Efficiency is in turn needed in the same way as oxygen, because the life of Wick lurks the entire underworld of assassins.

The creators themselves call their project chess with combat choreography. Manufacturers promise that every move will matter in John Wick Hex, and every decision we make will result in important consequences. Here, the cartridge is at a premium, and reloading the magazine takes a valuable time. Therefore, although the game orbits around violence and killings, the player will have to strain the brain to win unequal fights.

In order for the action sequences to be properly cinematic, the Lionsgate Studios team collaborated with choreographers and stunters from the latest cinema plan of John Wick. The game, however, will not be a faithful adaptation of the film. The production is to expand the universe of paid killers, adding new threads and characters to it. Its quality will be answered by Mike Bithell, the creator of the popular independent production of Thomas Was Alone, who was brought to Lionsgate.

Computer John Wick Hex inclusive on the Epic Store platform.

Wick's interactive adventures join the group of computer exclusive games for the Epic Store. This means that production will not be available on other digital distribution platforms, such as Steam or The official date of the premiere of Heksa is still not known yet. It is known that the game will appear at the fair E3 2019 in Los Angeles.

An unstoppable killer will get a game on PC and consoles. John Wick Hex is something else than you expect


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