Allergy sufferers, brothers and sisters in leaking nose and red eyes, do allergy apps make sense?

It is difficult to live in a country of a blossoming lime tree. Eyes are red, the skin is itching, and the nose is panta rei. Allergy applications are supposed to help you survive in a confused reality and make our lives more bearable. Only if they are able to fulfill their own promises?

Spring, spring, spring, echo is you, I want to sing grimly, ending a packet of handkerchiefs on the tenth day, and wiping the countless red and sore nose for once. I know I'm not alone, but it's not a heartening message. Already now, about 30 to 40 percent suffer from allergies. people around the world, and it's only going to get worse. The number of cases is growing every year, according to a study from 2011, growing fastest in Central and Eastern Europe.

It is so bad, and it will be even worse, and you have to live somehow, and it is best not to spend the whole period of dust in closing the cool four walls of the basement. Help, making our life a bit more bearable, promise applications for allergy sufferers. Only, do they make any sense?

Allergy applications

There are currently two Apsik apps available in the Polish language available in the Google Store ! and Pollen Forecast created by a large German drug manufacturer.

For years, allergy-free applications have been operating on similar principles. Their heart is the dusty calendar, which informs you which tools of torture are currently flying over a given area and whether their concentration in the next day will increase, fall, or sustain. Since the best way to fight allergy is to avoid allergens, such information is theoretically crucial for allergy sufferers. In applications, we can indicate what we are allergic to and enable the option of notifications that will warn you about the upcoming apocalypse and allow you to stock up on appropriate medicines in advance and order a full-body tipper.

Both applications first ask us to set up a profile in which we will determine which allergens we are sensitizing and in which region we are currently staying. Thanks to that, they adjust information about allergens to our needs. What's more, if the concentration, one of them is large, Apsik! will offer us to find an allergy cabinet in our area.

In addition to calendars and information about the concentration of pollen, applications also offer diaries. They help in the meticulous monitoring of symptoms caused by allergy. You can specify in them how unbearable a particular day was for us. If we value speed and simplicity, the Pollen Forecast will suit us better. In it, with one slider we mark our mood. Achoo! breaks down symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing or eye symptoms . We can also indicate whether we have taken anti-allergic medications on a given day, and if so, after how long after they have been taken, the symptoms have disappeared. Regular information collection is to help us tailor the treatment. Not only will we know for ourselves which allergies are increasing and which are decreasing, but we will be able to share this knowledge with an allergologist who will properly adjust the choice of therapy.

Both applications are quite intuitive to use, but I think Apsik! it's a bit more transparent.

A smartphone with allergies will not heal, but it can help prepare for the attack of these intolerable pollen.

In my life, the most famous allergy of April takes on a more literal meaning. This is when I start to sit like on heels and throw suspicious glances at plants. I do not know an allergy who would forget about the pollination period of his plants, so why would anyone need this?

Because drugs are worth taking up earlier, and it's best to go to the doctor before pollination and work out a plan with him. The applications will not make the allergy disappear, but can help to prepare an annual allergen offense. Although allergy patients with many years of experience know, more or less, when to start doing wipes, eye drops and medicines, pollen is buried in this not very precise one more or less. The fact that in 2018 my nose tried to drive me crazy on April 10, does not mean that it will be like that in 2019. Plants do not always want to stick to the human calendar rigidly.

From this perspective, the dusty calendar can be useful for more precise determination of when to go to the doctor, when to start taking medications, and when to discontinue them. Instead of waiting for the grass to appear somewhere after the matriculation or before the school holidays, we can (un) calmly wait for the app to inform us of the impending nightmare. Sure, there are a lot of Pylea calendars on the internet, but in this case the application can be a good alternative to this not very convenient solution.

Is it profitable to install the application to know when it is the beginning and when the end of allergy? It depends on what you are sensitized and whether you are under the care of an allergologist or if you are taking drugs from the pharmacy at random. If you are under the care of a doctor, the information about how you respond to pollen and treatment can help you choose medicines better. It is worth spending half a minute a day to fill in the dusting diary and present it to the allergist later.

In my case the pollen apocalypse has already begun and will last all summer. Information about the concentration of pollen will change little in my life. Anti-allergy options are limited - more frequent cleaning, the use of air purifiers , taking antihistamines and going for a walk with the dog after rain or in the evening. The dog could not be persuaded to pee only on days with lower pollen concentrations.

PS In comments on one of the applications on Google Play, I noticed that people demanded to include a dust calendar for ... dust. I need to worry about dust-allergic people - no application offers an appropriate dustlog calendar. A bit of lime.

Allergy sufferers, brothers and sisters in leaking nose and red eyes, do allergy apps make sense?


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