AI has significantly improved the quality of photos from smartphones. Now it s time for cameras

AI mechanisms are available in the cameras of most new smartphones. They do not always work as we would like, but they push the mobile imaging industry forward. And what if AI should also be put in dedicated cameras?

For a very long time I treated AI in smartphones as an annoying novelty added to strength. Like a dead-end street in which the industry took off. Theoretically, we were supposed to get better photos, in practice we got overstretched nightmares that looked like the effect of a photographer's work who first launched Lightroom and does not really know how to use the sliders for editing.

Today, however, is much better, the best example of which is the night mode of the Huawei P30 Pro . Successful examples of using artificial intelligence can also be seen, for example, in the Honor View 20 , in the mode of improving the quality of 48 megapixel photos. In addition, background blur in portrait modes becomes more and more accurate and more beautiful. Today it is still not perfect, but at this rate of development I would not be surprised if at some time it was not possible to distinguish between SLR and smartphone photos at first glance. At least this in instagram size.

Artificial intelligence in a dedicated camera? And why not?

If the AI ​​algorithms are able to significantly improve the quality of mobile images, then maybe it is worth entering them into dedicated cameras? It is true that this is a market with a different specificity and user's awareness, because I can not imagine a photographer who would be happy to see how he loses control over the colors of his camera. However, there are areas where artificial intelligence can really help.

In the cameras there are more and more perfect HDR and DRO modes that optimize the tonal range in JPG images. In new constructions more and more often you do not need to call RAWs to achieve a very good effect in the picture. AI algorithms ideally suited to this area, which is proven by the extremely effective HDR modes in the latest smartphones. Another area could be a high resolution mode, based on matrix movements and combining several frames into one. Another example in which AI would work is autofocus. The modes of motion prediction and detection of individual objects (eg the eye) are asked for AI support.

Artificial intelligence has a chance to be implemented in future Sony matrixes. The partner will be Microsoft's cloud.

Sony has signed a very interesting collaboration with Microsoft, under which PlayStation will use Microsoft's cloud solutions , ie its competitor on the console market.

This cooperation will also cover the imaging department. As we read in a press release , the cooperation will also include the semiconductor department. Sony camera matrices are to be integrated with the Microsoft Azure AI cloud technology. This news with great potential, because it talks about the cooperation of the largest global die maker and the real giant of the cloud services market.


The press release does not say exactly what matrices are mentioned. It is possible that Sony will only limit itself to mobile matrixes used in smartphones, but I am convinced that, ultimately, AI technologies will be increasingly used in traditional cameras.

It would not be a complete novelty, because today the AI ​​algorithms are used in the latest Sony cameras, including the A9 and A6400 . They are used to improve the quality of autofocus. The eye detection system in Sony mirrorless cameras is currently the most effective on the market, so you can see that AI support is already delivering tangible results today. Collaboration with Microsoft can only help here.

AI has significantly improved the quality of photos from smartphones. Now it's time for cameras


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