Adobe is testing a price increase for photographers. It can be twice as expensive

Instead of $ 9.99 Soon we can pay for the Adobe photo package as much as $ 19.99. Such a change would hurt photographers. Especially that many of us are in some sense addicted to Adobe.

According to Petapixel , Adobe is testing the price increase of the cheapest photographic plan of its products. The well-known photographers package includes Adobe Lightroom , Lightroom Classic, Photoshop and 20 GB of cloud space. The package is sold for $ 9.99. or 12.29 euros per month with a subscription valid for one year. I have been using this solution myself for years.

Adobe checks what will happen if the basic package for photographers disappears from the offer.

During the testing package for $ 9.99. has been replaced on the Adobe website with a package for $ 19.99. A twice as expensive package contains exactly the same applications. The only difference is the disk capacity in the cloud, which has increased from 20 GB to 1 TB. Adobe has issued an official position in this matter.

From time to time, we conduct tests on, which include a number of elements, including plan options that may or may not be presented to all visitors to We are currently conducting a series of tests on

These are just tests in which Adobe examines customer behavior. Interestingly, even if you can not see the package on the main page with plans for $ 9.99 / € 9.29, the package is still available at this link or through direct contact with Adobe.

A more expensive photographic plan with a 1 TB disc can be bought now . And this is not a bad offer at all. An additional 12.29 euros is simply the cost of 1 TB in the cloud. Such a capacity is more or less expensive. So if someone needs a cloud, for example for photo backup, the Adobe offer is honest. Worse if you do not need it. Currently, you can choose a cheaper plan without a large cloud capacity. If Adobe, however, eliminates it, we will be left without a choice.

This type of tests is not done for fun, but to test the response of potential customers to a new offer. Adobe is well aware that many photographers are used to or even addicted to their products. Others simply do not want to learn new applications or consider them as just as good. We do not really know how popular the basic package in the world is. The more expensive offer is not bad, so maybe now many creators choose it.

Adobe knows how to earn more and more.

The scenario of removing the cheapest package for photographers does not have to come true, but I think it is very real.

Adobe knows how to find a new digital reality . Their complete transition from the box offer to the cloud is described as a model solution to digital transformation. The company has not only found itself in new times, but it is still doing great financially.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Just before launching the Creative Cloud offer in 2013, Adobe had a database of 12.8 million customers using different versions of older Creative Suite tools. The base has been built for over ten years. Meanwhile, at the end of 2018, Adobe had about 15 million subscribers to CC services . New Creative Cloud products have gathered a similar number of users in just a few years.

These numbers also translated into financial results. In 2018, Adobe achieved record annual revenue of USD 9.03 billion, a 24% increase over the previous year. Adobe is capable of digital transformation. And he knows how to reach for money from our payment cards. If only the test results are beneficial, I am convinced that the company's bosses will not hesitate to throw away the cheapest offer for photographers to the trash.

Adobe is testing a price increase for photographers. It can be twice as expensive


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