A robot showed me around the airport in Seoul

The network is already governed by algorithms, but in the real world robots are still an unusual sight. At the airport in Seoul, I could not miss the opportunity to exchange with a few courtesies.

Last week I spent in South Korea, where I looked closely at various LG brand equipment. In addition to factories (which unfortunately I could not take pictures) and the LG Best Shop brand store, I had the opportunity to visit numerous showrooms in which the company flexed electronic muscles.

The number of categories in which LG is present today is impressive.

When I think about this brand, smartphones are in front of my eyes ... because this category of devices awakens the biggest emotions today. Immediately afterwards, I remember that LG's phenomenal OLED TV sets perform better. However, how to think about it, however , the Korean company prizes, however, primarily in the segment of household appliances .

lg best shop 0

This can be seen after delving into the structure of the company's revenues. The electronics department, which consists of several entities, as a whole is responsible for the lion's share of them. And if you look closer at this category, the sale of household goods brings the most money to LG.

No wonder the producer wants to pay attention to it. In the show rooms, which were located in the many LG offices that I had the opportunity to visit, so swarmed with microwaves, stoves, double drum machines, refrigerators with their own operating system and numerous other devices.

lg cloi robots

A lot of space was also devoted to the robots from the LG CLOi series.

At the exhibition I was able to see a lot of different types of robots from the LG CLOi family and equipment using technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. From tiny autonomous vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers, to anthropomorphic assistants.

Of course, at this moment, the rebellion of machines from the series of films "Terminator" does not threaten us. LG CLOi robots are unaware. The multitude of possibilities of their interaction with the surroundings, however, makes an impression and even a bit worries. The Korean company sees in robotics the future and even ... the present.

lg cloi robot seoul korea airport

On the robot LG CLOi I came across the way back at the airport.

Watching machines even in a sterile room is impressive, but at the exhibition they still look like something unreal, straight from the future. Returning from my trip home, at the airport in Seoul I came across a representative of the series C-3PO LG CLOi in its natural environment.

Although the robots prepared for the airports do not have a logo - its removal from the housing requires, as I managed to determine, a contract with the authorities of the Seoul airport - but the characteristic "eyes" can not be confused with anything else. I missed the opportunity and approached him warily.

lg cloi robots

The robot hesitantly showed me where my goal is.

It was enough to go to the robot and touch the screen located on his chest . I changed the language to English, and the first test was to check whether the robot would be able to convey where my gate is. The test was passed, but let us not kid ourselves - just to the goal it will be everywhere without help.

From the experience (fortunately of a former fireman) I know, however, that finding a roaster at the airport, especially one that is visited for the first time in a lifetime, is often a journey of torment. So I checked out of curiosity whether the robot would show me the way to the place where you can catch the balloon .

lg cloi robots

Also, it was not a challenge for LG CLOi.

However, it was not particularly spectacular - setting the route, even those inside buildings, I saw earlier. In order to do this, I can use the smartphone. However, the airport robot has an additional function, which is the ability to guide the passenger to the destination.

This is the future that we can taste today. A standalone assistant who, thanks to the software, sensors and mechanisms that allow him to move, helps the real world in a real world, I've seen science fiction movies before.

lg cloi robots

I am familiar with new technologies, and I have happily spent a few moments at LG CLO.

The moment when the robot starts to glide along the floor after setting the route and suggests that the human master should start before he or she follows, it impresses. It is also not surprising that a friendly robot woke up at the airport with interest, and equally adults and children approached it.

I will not be surprised if such works will become more and more popular. Just remember, after meeting such robots, to thank them in the end. Maybe they are not planning to close us in the Matrix now, but if one day Skynet's cousin actually gains consciousness, then you will have extra points!

PS I hope that next time I will go to another robot from this series, who can carry bags after the passenger ...

A robot showed me around the airport in Seoul


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