A good resume quickly and for free? I m checking how the CV Wizard works

Creating a CV yourself seems very easy. At least in theory. I tested the Free CV Creator from Pracuj.pl , which tells me how to create my professional life step by step and ... I found out something.

Specialists talk about a few rules to be followed when creating a curriculum vitae. The document presenting our professional CV should be first of all transparent and readable. The information contained therein should be limited to the most important ones. It's no secret that the recruiter does not have much time to get acquainted with every curriculum vitae. That is why it is worth showing our strengths in it, but you should do it in a certain way. So what information should contain the perfect CV?

Recruiters will search for key words in their CV. If, for example, we apply to the position of a programmer, it is worth displaying information about known languages ​​in a visible place.

The Free CV Wizard prompted me with what information to enter in my CV.

I remember that during the creation of my first CVs the biggest problem for me was the visual side of the document - getting a clear layout, grouping information in columns, choosing the right font. The CV Wizard was created in cooperation with 50 recruiters, therefore the biography created in it will surely go to their tastes and will be readable by the employer.

creator cv pracuj.pl

Free CV Creator consists of 3 simple CV creation sections.

The first step, however, is to choose a document template. Depending on your needs, you can use a classic, student or technical resume template. You can also choose different text layouts and font colors.

Fortunately, all available templates are minimal, transparent and economical in form, and choosing the right one should not be a problem. I chose the "Technical" template, which was created for the recruitment of positions requiring primarily certification and hard skills, which is why it has a place for information about the skills.

After establishing the template, the Wizard asked to log in to the Pracuj.pl website. You can also log in via your Facebook account.

free basic cv info wizard

After logging in, I was moved to the main part of the Wizard. And here the fun begins. As I have already mentioned, the whole process consists of 3 blocks - Basic data , Experience and Skills .

In the first step, the Wizard asked to complete basic data such as name, date of birth, address, phone number and photo. The wizard will tell you what kind of picture is welcome in your CV. It's best to have a business photo. Do not take me as an example.

wizard cv work experience

In the Experience tab , I have entered the previous employment history. Everything in inverted chronology. The wizard allows you to specify a time frame with an accuracy of one month. The next step is to supplement information about education. Again - I could specify the time frame, as well as the academic degree obtained.

creator cv experience

In this section you can also place information on foreign languages ​​and their level, courses or training. There is also a place for a professional profile. This field is optional in your CV, but (it's worth knowing!) Well complemented by our biography. It is especially useful when changing - in a few sentences you can say a bit more about yourself.

The recipe for a good professional profile is the answer to three questions: Who am I? What is my area of ​​specialization and achievements? In what direction do I want to develop in the future?

Under each section I found clear prompts of the Wizard , which helped in the selection and formulation of the necessary information.

It is true that the moments in which I needed these hints were little - the Wizard is an intuitive and clearly described tool, additional tips are just a few of the places I do not need.

free wizard cv skills

The last, third section of the Wizard is Skills. This is where you can show off your abilities, eg include information about programming languages. You can also talk about additional activities, interests, add links to websites or other places that we want to mention to potential employers.

At the end of the whole process I found job offers recommended for me based on the CV I just created. At this point, you can immediately start applying or go to the website and view all available ads.

I've already done my CV, now it's time for you. Good luck in your search for a dream job!
free final cv wizard

Free CV Wizard is on the Pracuj.pl website.

* Pracuj.pl is the partner of the text.

A good resume quickly and for free? I'm checking how the CV Wizard works


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