A decade ago, we only saw such things in sci-fi. The new Google Assistant shows that voice is the future

Google has just unveiled the new version of the Assistant. Faster, smarter and more natural than ever.

Google Assistant has been available in Poland for several months on every smartphone with the latest versions of Android. We've already managed to get used to it a bit and find out what Google's voice technology can do.

During Google I / O 2019 a new version of the Assistant was presented, which - what can I say - looks like we imagined to interact with voice assistants since the dawn of Science Fiction.

The new Google Assistant is fast, natural and infernally intelligent.

The most important change in the new Google Assistant is the implementation of some tasks directly on the smartphone, not in the cloud. This feature will be available only for upcoming Google Pixel smartphones, but seeing its live performance during the presentation, it was difficult not to collect the jaw from the floor.

Today, after saying the words "Ok, Google", we have to wait a while until the Assistant menu appears. Then another moment until the Assistant processes the query.

In the new version, no menu appears after asking the question. Our queries are immediately displayed on the right side of the navigation bar, and with the continuous conversation feature enabled, you can ask a question, give the command after the command, and Google Assistant will do it without stammering.


The assistant is also smarter. For example - when dictating an e-mail he knows when we dictate the content, and when we ask him to change the subject of the message or send this message.

The new Assistant evidently deals better with natural speech, at least in English, in which the presentation was conducted.

Picks for you - The Google Assistant is more personal than ever.

Google's assistant has also learned how to choose results for a specific user, based on the data he was fed with. If we only provide enough data to the Assistant (sounds ominous, I know), the bot will select search results based on our past decisions. So far, the function will only go to smart speakers and it will only apply to culinary hints, but it will undoubtedly be expanded in the future with new possibilities.


Based on personal information, the new Google Assistant can also better recognize important people and events in our lives. For example, showing pictures of our child or reminding about the anniversary of the wedding.

It can not be concealed, however, that this convenience has its dark side - the presenter almost straightforwardly said that in order to use this convenience, you will have to "feed" Google with more than usual dose of information, this time very personal. And from the scene, there was not a single word about the security, processing and use of this data in a different context ...

The new Google Assistant will eventually be useful while driving.

Today, Google Assistant is a bit ... useless while driving. You can not reply to text messages, you can not respond to notifications, all in all you can not.

This will change this year and on any smartphone equipped with an Assistant. Just give the command "Let's Drive" to let our eyes appear a special car view, with the most important information about the road, weather or with the media player.

When the phone rings while driving, we can pick it up or reject it. When a notification appears - we can react to it.

This is a novelty that will dramatically increase the usability of the Google Assistant for many people and I can not wait to test it myself once it has been made available in Poland.


The voice is the future

Looking at the presentation, in the back of my head I had Star Trek, Star Wars and all other Sci-Fi works in which people naturally communicated with robotic helpers.

Something that only a decade ago seemed possible only in the works of fiction, today is becoming a reality. And even if today we are not yet convinced to talk with our telephones or speakers, I have no doubt that our children, or our children's children, will wonder how we could defend ourselves against it.

A decade ago, we only saw such things in sci-fi. The new Google Assistant shows that voice is the future


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