24 hours with OnePlus 7 Pro

It's only been a day since I unpacked the OnePlus 7 Pro. If the other days with this smartphone are as pleasant as the first one, then I found a new favorite Android smartphone.

It's difficult to control the excitement when dealing with a product that gives so much, for such reasonable money.

Courtesy of the x-kom.pl store, I received the OnePlus 7 Pro in the most beautiful, blue color and the most reasonable configuration, with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of memory for data, costing PLN 3299 in the store .

For the context - the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S10 + is an expense larger by nearly 1000 PLN. Huawei P30 Pro , whose future is uncertain - PLN 3799. Even the cheapest of the iPhone XR , offering incomparably less, costs 150 PLN more than the tested version of OnePlus 7 Pro. In terms of price-performance ratio, the OnePlus 7 Pro simply embarrasses competition .

OnePlus 7 Pro camera

Of course, numbers would mean little if they did not have a real impact on reality. Only 24 hours have passed, so it's impossible to critically evaluate the smartphone as a whole, but what has so far been presented to me by OnePlus 7 Pro, literally knocks the legs off.

The full review will come in a few weeks, when the initial excitement will fall, and I will be able to get to know the device better, but now it is worth to boast some elements, and some to criticize.

OnePlus 7 Pro - first impressions

The screen is poetry

The title of the best display on the market is true for the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, but as far as I am concerned, it should be the OnePlus 7 Pro.

From the side of colors, brightness and viewing angles, the 6.67-inch Fluid AMOLED display of the new OnePlus is simply perfect. It is not as bright as the panel on the XS Max iPhone, but it shines bright enough to comfortably use it in full sun. A great difference to the predecessor is the resolution. If someone says that the difference between FullHD + and QHD + can not be seen, I recommend an appointment with an ophthalmologist. The difference is visible to the naked eye.

OnePlus 7 Pro - first impressions

The panel also supports HDR 10, and - which is much more important to me - allows you to adjust the operating mode not only based on foggy descriptions, but the actual color spaces: NTSC, sRGB or DCI-P3. You can also adjust the white point if the factory is too cold or too warm for someone.

However, the OnePlus 7 Pro does not have the best display for its parameters, because these are just as good or better in top Samsung and iPhone. No Samsung or iPhone offers such immersive experiences while using the phone.

OnePlus 7 Pro is all screen. The AMOLED panel is only surrounded by a thin frame, without a large notch or a hole in the screen. The impression of using the interface or watching a video stretched literally over the entire width of the display is insane, as I could see before, by testing Oppo Find X.

OnePlus, however, goes a step further and, in addition to immersion, also offers unexpected liquidity. Model 7 Pro is the first AMOLED panel with a 90 Hz refresh rate. So far, higher than the standard 60 Hz refresh rate could be found only in the IPS screens of Asus ROG Phone or IGZO Razer smartphones.

90 Hz completely changes the device's perception of fluidity. The OnePlus 7 Pro itself is an absurdly fast device, but the higher refresh rate additionally makes every element of the interface look smoother, better, nicer. Even crap like scrolling through social media or reading an article in the browser simply looks better.

In the smartphone settings, you can reduce the refresh rate to 60 Hz, to save a little energy, but ... probably not to buy McLaren to limit its speed, right?

OnePlus 7 Pro reviews

At the end I will mention that while the OnePlus 7 Pro has curved frames, which I am not a fan, they are not as curved as in the Galaxy S10 and do not hinder everyday life. I would not cry if the screen remained flat, but I also have no reason to cry because of the delicate curvature of the edge.

The display has only one defect.

Literally "hides" - it's a fingerprint reader. Yes, he is 36 percent. bigger than in the OnePlus 6T. Yes, it works faster than the Galaxy S10 +, and according to some measurements it is the fastest fingerprint reader under the screen at all.

Still, this is not a successful sensor so that I would change my mind that consumers should not accept such crap . Once it is an optical sensor, so you can fool it with a photo of your fingerprint. Two, it is an optical sensor, so you first need to wake up the screen to use it. Three, the ratio of successful unsuccessful attempts to unlock the screen is still pathetic with the standard fingerprint reader or Face ID . For 10 attempts I can easily unlock my smartphone 4-5 times. So what if the reader quickly unlocks the screen, since it is so inaccurate that you have to repeat the attempt to unlock a few times?

OnePlus 7 Pro reviews

Unfortunately, an alternative to the average fingerprint reader is not really safe unlocking with an optical face scanner. In the case of the OnePlus 7 Pro, it is additionally so problematic that it forces the frequent use of the camera's retractable front module. And while OnePlus declares that it has to withstand about 150 moves every day for 5 years, I am so afraid that if we actually unlock the smartphone from 80 to 120 times a day, it may not survive these 5 years.

OnePlus 7 Pro reviews

No Android is as thoughtful as Oxygen OS

Like powerful components, great performance and a beautiful screen, if they were managed by a system that you do not want to use. In this particular case, however, it is difficult to attach anything to anything. Oxygen OS is a pattern.

The ninth iteration of the operating system from OnePlus is pampered down to the smallest details. The most important functions are even the system dark mode, which relieves the eye when using a smartphone after dark. We have a reading mode, cutting out the blue light, which can additionally be set to turn on automatically with selected applications.

OnePlus 7 Pro reviews

We also have a great addition, which can do a lot more good in the fight against addiction to the smartphone than any Digital Wellbeing or other Times in front of the screen.

Zen Mode cuts off access to the smartphone for 20 minutes. During this time, we can only take a picture, answer the phone or make an emergency call (if we obviously do not want to interrupt the state of focus).

Theoretically, Zen Mode is no different from dozens of applications in the Play Store. In practice, however, its greatest strength is ... availability on the device. You do not have to search or download anything. Zen Mode is available directly from the notification bar.

I also appreciate other thoughtful solutions. Like the fact that you can download the notification bar by swiping your finger anywhere on the screen instead of reaching the top of the large display. I am even more respectful of the fact that when we create an application folder on the desktop, it develops at the bottom of the screen, not somewhere in the middle. Such small flavors in the new Oxygen OS is probably even more and I can not wait to see what else I will discover during testing.

OnePlus 7 Pro reviews

There will be time for the camera test, but it is good at first glance.

I did not have conditions for longer tests of the OnePlus 7 Pro cameras, but the first results indicate that it will be more than OK. I have no illusions - certainly not the level of Huawei P30 Pro, Galaxy S10 + or even the iPhone XS, but from what I see, the new OnePlus deserves a place right next to the podium.

Even if the optical quality is slightly different from the key rivals, the OnePlus 7 Pro does not give them versatility. We have a 48-megapixel main sensor here ...

OnePlus 7 Pro camera

... 16-megapixel sensor with wide-angle lens, exclusively for photos:

OnePlus 7 Pro camera

... and an 8-megapixel sensor with a three-magnification lens.

OnePlus 7 Pro camera

In front, we have a 16-megapixel front camera, hidden in the aforementioned periscope, thanks to which the screen extends to the ends of the housing.

Initially, it did not take me out of my slippers, but it did not push me away either. However, with the verdict, I will refrain from a full review, and we will discuss examples of the camera's photographs there.

In the end, there are not too many "buts" to which one could attach.

OnePlus 7 Pro reviews

Each previous OnePlus had some "buts". He was efficient but poorly made. It was great, but it had a vibrating moto from the smartphone for 500 zlotys. It had a great screen, but the speaker was below any criticism.

OnePlus 7 Pro reviews

After 24 hours with OnePlus 7 Pro - not counting a bad fingerprint reader - I did not find any significant "but".

  • The housing is made perfectly and although it is objectively a large and heavy smartphone, it is handled very comfortably. You just have to be careful, because it slides in your hand no less than other glass-aluminum sandwiches.
  • The physical buttons have a perfect pitch and are perfectly positioned.
  • The stereo speakers are great. Not as great as the iPhone XS Max or Razer Phonie, but at least as good as in Galaxy S10 + or Xperia XZ3.
  • The vibration motive has undergone a huge change. And as in the case of OnePlus 6, vibrations were among the worst on the market, so in 7 Pro they are among the best on the market. Only LG V40 and iPhone can pierce them.
  • I do not even mention performance, because after the specs you can guess that it's a monster. The combination of Snapdragon 855, 6/8/12 GB of RAM and 128/256 GB of memory for data is enough for everyone. And today, and in a few years.

OnePlus 7 Pro camera

Time will tell if the OnePlus 7 Pro makes an equally good impression in the long run.

The OnePlus problem has never been the first impression, but minor problems that came out after a long time . And this is problems with Bluetoothem, and this incompatibility with popular applications ... are the problems of the type of those that irritate every day to such an extent that they outweigh all the advantages of the device.

However, I am counting on the fact that OnePlus 7 Pro is such a big leap forward that also these small issues have been properly pampered, and the clients are not waiting for an unpleasant surprise after a few months.

Because if the OnePlus 7 Pro on the other days will make an equally good impression as on the first day, then - especially considering its price - we can already talk about the smartphone of the year.

24 hours with OnePlus 7 Pro


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