You will save on electricity and you will get IT for a subscription. Tauron tempts with a new offer

Tauron launches a new offer. Not only that, it offers us electricity bills lower by a few percent, it also adds to the help of a computer service technician, which will be available 24 hours a day.

Whether or not the proposition of a power supplier will pay off depends largely on the type of equipment we have at home. If our computer or tablet is still under warranty, it probably will not help us. But if our equipment is a little bit old ...

IT help can be useful from time to time. Tauron assures that the service will receive a broken device from the customer within 24 hours of reporting. The service covers the costs of transport, labor and spare parts up to PLN 1,000 per event (you can also add up to two limits up to PLN 2,000). The help can be used 3 times during the contract.

We can also solve the problem at a distance. Here, the supplier commits to help even within an hour. The IT specialist will help us configure the operating system, remove viruses, install or update the software. However, it is only available from Monday to Friday on traditional hours 8-18.

In addition, Tauron also adds discounts on electricity.

The rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh) is at least 5 percent. lower in relation to the Tauron tariff, and in the case of households, the purchase of an offer via the My Tauron service is rewarded with a bonus of PLN 100 in the "Return for electricity" program. In this way, the supplier develops the "Current with 24h service" service, which, he claims, enjoys great interest.

The success of the maintenance services we have on offer since 2014 is due to the good fit of the product to the needs of the market. Currently, over 1.5 million of the company's clients use products that combine power utilities with service. We systematically check the expectations of our clients, thanks to which we flexibly adjust to their needs. Research shows that as much as 95 percent. users of these services are satisfied with them. - emphasizes Kamil Kamiński, vice president of the board for customer and corporate support.

The service "Electricity with service" concerns the repair of audio and video devices, home appliances and PC. It is offered in the subscription system - PLN 12.96 gross until the end of this year and PLN 18.50 from the beginning of the next year.

What do we get in return? The supplier undertakes to cover travel, repair, spare parts and transport costs up to 6 times a year. The cost of a single repair can not exceed PLN 500 gross. Which means that even a single use of this package can cause us to pay you a full year fee.

You will save on electricity and you will get IT for a subscription. Tauron tempts with a new offer


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