You better make transfers now. The Elixir and Euro Elixir clearing systems take the holiday break

Good Friday is the only small example in a year when an employer is willing to shorten working hours. But it's also called banking holiday for many European financial institutions. About the Christmas break, he warns his clients, even Elixir.

Holidays, holidays, but money does not like boredom. A few days' break from work is the best opportunity to catch a second breath. But a bunch of bills will not understand it. Our partners waiting for a transfer in accordance with the previous agreement - also no. So let's listen to the messages of the National Clearing House on the occasion of the red holes in the calendar.

Elixir and Euro Elixir have a break.

During Easter, the Elixir and Euro Elixir clearing systems will not operate in standard mode. Payments planned in the near future are worth realizing in advance so that the money reaches the recipients on time or use the instant payment system Express Elixir, which is available to bank customers also on public holidays - this is the latest message from KIR .

Usually, settlements in the Elixir system on business days take place three times a day: at 9.30, 13.30 and 16. But on public holidays and weekends it is different: Elixir does not perform billing sessions. Thus, on April 22 - on Easter Monday, the Elixir system will not work. Transfers ordered by the banks to KIR on Friday, April 19 after 16:00 will be settled during the morning session on the first working day, that is, on April 23.

As for the settlements in euro, for what Euro Elixir is used, the break will take a little longer. The transfer is impossible today. You have to wait until after Christmas Tuesday.

Unless we use instant payments.

If we want to finalize the transaction without any unnecessary delay during this time, we can use instant payments made in Express Elixir . The service allows you to send money between accounts kept in different banks in real time. The system works in 24/7/365 mode, also on weekends and holidays.

You better make transfers now. The Elixir and Euro Elixir clearing systems take the holiday break


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