Yes, the Galaxy S10 reader can be deceived. No, there is no need to worry

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Shortly after the premiere of the Samsung Galaxy S10, biometric security in the form of an ultrasound fingerprint reader in the screen was successfully overcome. How was this done?

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are the first devices in the Korean manufacturer's offer that use the ultrasonic fingerprint reader in the AMOLED screen. Unlike optical based image readers, the ultrasonic reader is faster, more accurate and safer.

samsung galaxy s10 and s10 plus

The scanner is based on ultrasounds. The sound wave reflected from the surface of the finger returns to the scanner creating a very precise, three-dimensional map of fingerprints. This means that the scanner can not be deceived by a high-resolution photo.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner has been defeated.

At least this is what Reddit's user claims, who boasted about breaking the security of the smartphone, which he documented in the film.

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How did this happen? It started with taking a picture of a fingerprint. It was enough to have a photo of a wine glass made with a smartphone on the glass. After a short photo processing, the author transformed it into a 3D model in the 3ds Max program. Then the model was printed on an AnyCubic Photon LCD 3D printer, producing printouts with an accuracy of 10 microns. The third printout did not work, because at the first attempt the author forgot to make a mirror image of the print, and at the second attempt he did not match his height.

Finally, the printed fingerprint unlocked the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Do users of the galaxy S10 have anything to fear?

Definitely not. It takes so many steps to hack a smartphone that it is practically unrealistic. Admittedly, access to 3D printers is almost universal, because the printout can be ordered or ultimately you can buy the printer yourself, but the other conditions are very difficult to implement.

First you need to get the victim's full fingerprint and then you need to get physical access to her smartphone. This means that the standard user has nothing to fear. However, you must be aware that in extreme cases the security can be broken, but you can actually say about any security system. The Face ID from the iPhone looks the most secure on this background, but this system is not perfect either. Tests show that it can be circumvented, e.g. in the case of twins.

Having Samsung Galaxy S10, I would sleep peacefully.

Yes, the Galaxy S10 reader can be deceived. No, there is no need to worry


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