What do farmers suicides have to do with climate change?

Fig. Frederico Borella / Photographer of the Year / SWPA 2019

Federico Borella tried to answer this question - the winner of the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards 2019. We also met the winners in professional categories and laureates.

322,977 photos of photographers from 195 countries - this is the record number of entries submitted this year to the Sony World Photography Awards. The jury chose the best of them and their names were given at the gala ceremony in London.

Title of the Photographer of the Year for Federico Borelli for the series "Five Degrees"

"Five Degrees" is a project of the Italian photographer Federico Borelli, who is a freelance photojournalist with more than ten years of experience. The series focuses on male suicide in the Tamil Nadu farming community in South India. This region has suffered the worst drought in 140 years.

Research at Berkeley University found a link between climate change and the increase in suicides among Indian farmers. Borella examined the impact of climate change on this agricultural region and its community. His poignant photographs are a powerful mix of photographs depicting the agricultural landscape, memorabilia of dead farmers and portraits of people living on farms.

Winners of the professional category, winners of the youth and student competition

During the gala, we also met the winners of each category of the professional competition. There were also laureates of the youth and student competition. Below we present the most important of the photos, but all the awarded frames can be viewed on the organizers' website .

What do farmers' suicides have to do with climate change?


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