What about electricity prices? It will not be possible without amending the regulations, but it is supposed to be after the holiday before the holidays

It is necessary to amend the law on energy prices. It may be necessary to have an additional sitting of the Sejm - at the turn of April and May. But the rulers reassure that dialogue with the European Commission is going very well. Individual recipients have no reason to worry - for them the price for electricity is to remain unchanged.

Last week's prices of CO2 emission allowances on the European Power Exchange reached the level of EUR 27 . Clearly proving that the times when they hovered around just 6-8 euro, they will never come back. At the same time, the European Commission wants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as much as possible. In a little over a decade, in 2030, it should be reduced by as much as 40 percent .

For economies like Poland - heavily dependent on coal (whose combustion emits CO2) - it means trouble. The rulers, wanting at least for the electoral moment to extinguish this fire, have been combining for months how they can with the compensation system, thanks to which higher prices for electricity would not be so noticeable in our country. And for individual recipients they would not be felt at all. The European Commission is threatening with a finger, but it turns out that it will finally give its consent.

The compensations were not supposed to be public aid.

The law on energy prices was created at the end of last year. The new regulations reduced the excise tax on electricity from 20 to 5 zlotys per MWh, they decreased by 95 percent. the interim payment and set prices for end-users in 2019 at the level of 30 June 2018. From the beginning, the representatives of the Ministry of Energy were guilty that there was no public aid in this case. Thus, there is no point in worrying about the reaction of the European Commission.

Energy is a commodity used without exception in all sectors of the economy and by individual recipients. The Act also does not change in any way the rules of the competitive market when it comes to the sale of electricity on the stock market. In connection with the above, the solutions contained in the Act are not contrary to EU law - the energy ministry said at the beginning of January.

European Commission: first agreements, then the act.

The problem is that according to the European Commission in Poland, by adopting a very accelerated pace of work on energy price regulations, the procedures were omitted. This applies to the state's "state aid", which does not have to be automatically rejected by Brussels, if it is previously notified. First, therefore, it was necessary to obtain EU approval for such regulations, and it was only later that works on their construction should be initiated. The Poles did exactly the opposite.

Member States are required to notify the European Commission of all state aid activities prior to their implementation. We operate on the basis of European law. According to him, such actions should be notified so that the Commission can take a look at them - the case of the EC spokesperson made it clear already at the beginning of January.

We will not run away before the amendment.

The rulers want to end the marathon on electricity prices as soon as possible. So that everyone knows what they are standing at the latest on the holidays. That is why talks with the European Commission are very advanced. It is already clear that Poland will not run away from the amendment of the regulations.

The European Commission expects some adjustments as regards decisions on the Polish side. Time is chasing us - said Deputy Minister of Energy Grzegorz Tobiszowski in an interview with Radio Wnet.

An additional sitting of the Sejm may be needed.

Price for electricity is the topic of government talks with local governments and all other entities that would include a compensation system. It is known that the work is being carried out on the amendment of the act itself, as well as its regulation. When can their finals take place?

With determination in the ministry, I see that at the end of April we should not stop everything from moving over to the second half of the year, "says Deputy Minister Tobiszowski and points out that the regulation could be amended at the turn of April and May. It does not exclude an additional sitting of the Sejm.

Electricity prices for households unchanged.

There is not much information about the details of the amendment. The most important statement is that households will not feel any hikes. On the other hand, energy-saving companies that would be covered by other regulations would be excluded from the Act. And what about other entities?

As for households, this part is completed. The second thing is that all public institutions, that is, local governments, schools, hospitals, in this area we are at the final stage when it comes to making a deal with the European Commission - said energy minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski in an interview with WNP.pl.

In Poland, electricity is almost the most expensive.

According to the Eurostat study on the structure of electricity prices for households in the European Union (2017), the price per 1 kWh calculated as purchasing power parity in Poland was one of the highest in Europe (without data on Cyprus, Spain and Italy). Only Portugal was ahead of us in such a comparison, and the unfit podium was supplemented by Belgium. The lowest electricity prices are achieved in Finland, Sweden and Luxembourg.

What about electricity prices? It will not be possible without amending the regulations, but it is supposed to be after the holiday before the holidays


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