We need to limit aircraft flying. This is a matter of the future of our planet

When in the ether of public discourse the slogans about the need to limit the number of flights are thrown, Internet users erupt into loud laughter. Immediately, there are accusations of rationing goods as for the best times of communism. But the truth is that there is no other way out at this stage.

Ryanair takes us like a large power plant - such conclusions can be drawn from the last report of the European Commission . The Irish carrier has entered the top ten largest producers of carbon dioxide in Europe. Only the power plants in Germany, Bulgaria and the opening list of the Bełchatów power plant are ahead of it.

Why were the Irish people so high? Ryanair is a Biedronka among air carriers. The low margin is compensated by the scale effect - approx. 130 million people use it every year.

This, unfortunately, translates into huge CO2 emissions - last year it was 9.9 megaton. According to the commission, Ryanair has increased it by almost 50% in the last 5 years.

However, it is not about being particularly mistreated over the lines of Michael O'Leary. Today the entire aviation sector is a problem. Since 2014, the issue has increased by more than a quarter. Among the largest polluters in Europe, we can find brands such as EasyJet, Lufthansa, Norwegian and British Airways.

Aviation is the biggest climate failure in Europe. The worst thing we can do in response is to put all our hopes in a compensation system that gives airlines the unlimited growth license, "summarized Andrew Murphy, an aviation expert at T & E.

Actually. Compensation systems do not work. However, it is hardly the case, since Ryanair has more than a billion euros in profit every year. At the time, the entire sector of the € 800 million bearings for charging the environment with CO2 shooting in the atmosphere.

Murphy is not alone in this disappointment. In the Polish yard about the abandonment of flights, in an interview for Gazeta Wyborcza, he told prof. Szymon Malinowski from the Polish Academy of Sciences . Earlier, leftist columnist Maciej Gdula proposed to introduce limits for travel by plane, for example up to 15 thousand. km per year .

The European Union is investing heavily in attempts to reduce the impact of the impact on the environment.

Member states and private companies give money to develop renewable energy, cities exchange electrician fleets. Some companies explicitly declare that they will not invest a penny in investments based on coal energy. Against this background, airlines are coming out of marauders. What can they offer us today? At most options to compensate for CO2 emissions with an additional ticket surcharge. And we will not find this for all carriers.

Meanwhile, aviation leaves a significant mark on our climate. Total transport is responsible for the 25% emission. greenhouse gases. Airplanes, despite the fact that they carry a relatively small number of passengers in total, constitute in this quad 12 percent. And air traffic is growing from year to year. Moving with the help of an airplane is not, to put it mildly, particularly effective.

Experts have been calling for a limited number of plane travels for some time.

Part of business meetings can be replaced by teleconferences. Some of the holiday trips can be organized using trains. It's just that flying by plane is not enough today that it's still incredibly cheap. For such convenience, people quickly get used to it, it is quite difficult to give up on it. But sooner or later we have to, otherwise we will pay everyone for these years of carefree consumerism .

We need to limit aircraft flying. This is a matter of the future of our planet


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