We emit more greenhouse gases than before. And by the way, we forget about RES

The Energy Forum has published the report "Energy transformation in Poland. Edition 2019 ". The conclusions are not optimistic. Not only do we stubbornly insist on fossil fuels and coal is number one for us, we are turning our backs more and more clearly on renewable energy sources.

First, the European Commission announced that the European Union should be neutral to greenhouse gas emissions in 2050. By that time 80 percent. Electricity will come from renewable sources. Then there was the UN Climate Summit in Katowice , where the whole world talked about the necessity of abandoning coal and putting on RES. The whole world except Poland.

In the end, mBank showed everyone that anti-carbon strategy is no joke. From April 1, he stopped financing the construction of new coal mines and coal-fired power units. Nor does it intend to establish any relationships with companies in which the share of electricity from coal is more than half. Other financial institutions want to go in the same direction. In response, the government announces the establishment of a special Coal Fund . Talks on this topic are to be conducted with PKO Bank Polski and Pekao SA

So we are opposed to the rest of the world and we absolutely do not plan to give up coal. The report "Energy transformation in Poland" also clearly shows that at least the attitude of Polish authorities to black gold has not changed at least so far. Edition 2019 ".

Coal is still number one.

The national plan for energy and climate for 2021-2030 provides for a gradual departure from coal, but at a snail's pace. For over 10 years, our economy is to be dependent on black gold in 60 percent. At that time, the share of RES in the energy mix should fluctuate around 21 per cent.

So many plans, and how the realities? The analysis of the Energy Forum shows that in 2018 coal was the most important fuel in the production of electricity - its share amounted to 78.1%. compared to 78.4% a year earlier. At the same time, the share of installed capacity in lignite and hard coal has decreased from 72%. in 2017 up to 70% at the end of 2018

Falling mining, import is growing.

Although Poland is still largely dependent on coal, its mining in our mines is falling. In 2018, we extracted about 2 million tons of coal from the ground less than a year ago. We are also poorly selling this raw material abroad. Export is at its lowest level for 15 years.

At the same time, there is more and more black gold from Poland on our market every year. According to Eurostat data, in 2018 Poland imported 19.67 million tons of coal. It's up to 52 percent. more than in 2017. Over 78 percent. The import comes from Russia. Other main directions of import are Colombia, the United States and Kazakhstan.

Diversification goes in the direction of gas.

Although the share of coal in the energy mix is ​​almost at the same level, its diversification is progressing towards greater use of gas units. The share in the energy mix was 7.2 percent. compared to 5.6% in 2017

The authors of the report on energy transformation in Poland, as the main reason for this phenomenon, indicate the end of investment in the combined heat and power plant in Płock.

We have been issuing more and more for five years.

But it is in vain to expect gas to be replaced by coal in some perspective. The diversification of the energy mix in Poland is quite symbolic. And if our country is still standing on coal, then the data on greenhouse gas emissions must also be disturbing - what the world is fighting for now in defense of the climate.

And indeed, it is not good in this respect. In 2017, total greenhouse gas emissions increased by 16 million tons, or approx. 4%. compared to the previous year. What's worse, this upward trend has been continuing since 2014.

We forget about RES more and more effectively.

Worldwide, renewable energy sources are an effective way to replace coal from an energy mix. The report of the Energy Forum shows that RES in Poland is poor. In the previous, 2018, renewable sources did not develop - there were no suitable investments.

In the last 12 months, the share in the production of electricity from RES dropped to 12.7 per cent. compared to 14.1 percent. in 2017. Therefore, in 2018 the lowest production and the lowest share of RES in the energy mix after 2014 were recorded.

And the demand for electricity only grows.

Changes in shares in the energy mix (if they are actually made at all) are very difficult. Especially since every year Poles need more and more electricity. In 2009-2018, demand for it in Poland grew on average by 1.6 percent, and last year by 1.8 percent. Recently, the problem of covering the rapidly growing demand for peak power in summer has also been clearly increasing.

For now, the ruling people have only one prescription: increased coal imports. This, however, further makes our economy dependent on black gold. In addition, it also orders such and not a different economic attitude towards importers. And today it is really difficult to draw up another energy scenario for Poland for the next years.

We emit more greenhouse gases than before. And by the way, we forget about RES


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