Video of the day: a new idea for the supply of drones from Amazon looks like it was pulled from Blade Runner

It is December 2013. Jeff Bezos announces that for 4-5 years, deliveries by Amazon drones will be a reality. Five years and many ideas later, the drones still did not kill the courier profession, but Amazon has a new delivery idea. It looks like it's taken out of Blade Runner.

Amazon has this incredible ability to deliver a package from Germany to Poland in under 24 hours, and shipping from the US ordered on Friday can deliver on Tuesday. These examples are not a web legend, but packages that I ordered on Amazon. And I'm not an exception in terms of deliveries. Amazon is simply deadly effective when it comes to logistics.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's chief, has one goal. I want the delivery to be completed within a maximum of 60 minutes from the order. It sounds like a utopia, but such a scenario is to be possible in large cities. The key to its implementation are drones.

For years, Amazon has been feeding us with further announcements of drone systems tests. In 2015, Jeremy Clarkson advertised a package delivery system for drones , and in 2016, the first package of the drone was allegedly delivered as part of the Amazon Prime Air program. In the meantime, there will be an innovative idea for a special city of "parcel lockers" equipped with landing pads, where Amazon's drones could deliver goods.

The latest idea is a mother ship launching drones with packages over the city.

Just look at the visualization of this project.

Amazon's big airship is called the Airborne Fulfillment Center and has been patented by the company. Such a ship would solve many problems related to the supply of drones, including short range and short time of work of drones. Sky-based magazine would store the most popular products, and drones would deal with delivery on the last episode, which is a distance of about one mile.

For this Amazon ship would be an advertisement.

a new idea for the supply of drones from Amazon looks like it was pulled from Blade Runner

The patent says about the height of the flight "on the advertising altitude", or about 600 m. This is to allow the display of advertisements on the surface of the Amazon ship. It is not known if we are talking about a simple "Amazon" or more multimedia advertisements based, for example, on the display.

As usual, the project raises more questions than answers. How would Amazon's ship harmonize with aviation law over city centers, where it is dense with airplanes in the airspace? What goods could be carried on the ship and what kind of capacity are we talking about?

In truth, I stopped believing in deliveries by drones. Such a system generates so many problems on various levels, that the work of couriers seems to be safe for a long time. Although, according to analysts , the largest companies will be ready for delivery of drones in 2025. I would like to believe in it.

Video of the day: a new idea for the supply of drones from Amazon looks like it was pulled from Blade Runner


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