Under the pretense of combating terrorism, the European Union will threaten the freedom of the Internet. The content will disappear instantly

The European Parliament adopted a position on a regulation that aims to prevent the dissemination of terrorist content on the internet. The new regulations are extremely objectionable. Concerns arise that the provisions will be used to censor the network.

The European Parliament is going all the time. The dust on ACTA2 has not yet fallen , and another controversial regulation has already appeared on the forum.

On Wednesday, MEPs voted on a regulation that will introduce the principle of one hour into EU legislation. This is the time in which you will need to remove (or block access) to content that will have a "terrorist character". The authorities of specific member countries decide about which entries they have and which are not.

The definition in the project says that the term is used to describe materials inciting terrorist offenses, providing instructions on the execution of the attack, or inciting terrorist acts. It includes both texts and sound and video recordings. All entities that provide services within the European Union are to be covered by the regulations.

Poland was against the introduction of this principle at the stage of work on the project. Doubts were reported, among others the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Joachim Brudzinski.

The experience of countries such as France, the United Kingdom and Belgium, which have been affected in a dramatic way by their citizens with terrorist attacks, (...) shows that it is obvious that terrorism must be fought in every form, but the child should not be poured out with bathing - he argued .


Brudziński also expressed concern over whether the introduction of regulations would hit small hosting companies and content providers.

Penalties for non-compliance with the removal order are very high and can reach up to 4 percent. global turnover of the company for the previous year.

Shortly after the vote, Michał Boni began to explain that he supported the regulation because "the position provides for exclusion for scientific purposes, journalism and cloud services, better subscriptions for SMEs and protection against the ubiquitous network".


Julia Reda from the European Pirate Party said that the rule of one hour passed in the parliament thanks to three votes - 300 to 297. Voting the position means that the European Parliament will be able to negotiate with the Council of the European Union to work out the final shape of the regulation.

Under the pretense of combating terrorism, the European Union will threaten the freedom of the Internet. The content will disappear instantly


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