Ukrainians in second place among foreigners spending money in Poland

According to the Central Statistical Office, in 2018 foreigners spent PLN 43.5 billion in Poland. The Germans left the most money, the Ukrainians were in second place and the Czechs in the third place.

Last year, Ukrainians added PLN 7.48 billion to the retail trade , which means a decrease of around 3%. compared to 2017. Only Germany spent more than PLN 16.7 billion. In turn, the Czechs contributed over PLN 4.4 billion to the Polish economy.

General expenses of foreigners in Poland increased by PLN 2 billion compared to 2017 (PLN 41.5 billion). Two years ago, Germany was also in first place in terms of the amount spent in Poland (PLN 16 billion), Ukrainians on the other (PLN 7.7 billion).

Although in comparison to 2017, the amount spent by Ukrainians fell by 3 percent, it still remains at a high level. Personnel Service experts emphasize that since 2012, expenditures of Ukrainian consumers in Poland have doubled - from PLN 3.6 billion in 2012 to PLN 7.5 billion in 2018.

The president of Pesonnel Service, Krzysztof Inglot, says that the average Ukrainian visiting Poland in the fourth quarter of 2018 spent PLN 782 on one visit, while a Pole visiting Ukraine spent an average of PLN 196. "Also, data from our spending in other countries indicate that Poles abroad are less wasteful than foreigners coming to us."

Foreigners spend the most money on non-food goods

According to GUS data , in the fourth quarter of 2018 non-EU foreigners spent 84.2 percent. all money for non-food goods, only 12 percent. The expenditures were spent on food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Speaking about non-food items, materials for the construction, maintenance and renovation of flats or houses, which account for 23.3 percent, were the most popular. all expenses. The second place is home electronics and home appliances, as much as 19.6 percent. and parts and accessories for means of transport - 12.3 percent.

In purchases of foreigners from the European Union in the fourth quarter of last year, non-food items also enjoyed the greatest interest - 56.2 percent. On the other hand, only 13,4% were allocated to food and non-alcoholic beverages. expenditure.

The inflow of immigrants and Polish GDP

As follows from the words of dr. Jakub Borowski , chief economist at Credit Agricole, in 2018, a growing number of immigrants conquered Polish GDP by 0.4 percent. "In the absolute sense, it's a lot, but let's remember that the growth rate in Poland was 5.1 percent." The expert argues that 2018 was very good for the country's economy, and the GDP growth was largely due to the inflow of workers from other countries. "If we do not stop the Ukrainians and other foreigners, our economy will grow more slowly", emphasized Dr. Borowski.

Some still say that the Ukrainians impoverish the Polish budget, because they spend little money here, save money, and transfer most of the salary to Ukraine. Economic migrants also accuse the use of social programs, collecting social security benefits and 500+. At the same time, the Social Insurance Institution indicates that Ukrainians pay more than they charge. informs that in 2018 Ukrainians paid PLN 4 billion to the Social Security Institution in 2018, that is 2.4 percent. all contributions.

New York Times on immigration in Poland and the attitude of power to this phenomenon

On March 26, a comprehensive text on immigration in Poland appeared on the NYT magazine website.

Journalist Marc Santora begins the article with the words said directly that it was the PiS electoral campaign that raised voices in the style of "Poland for Poles." In the national elections to be held in October, the ruling party once again promotes its vision of "Poland in the first place" (Poland First). "

The text emphasizes that the ruling party is an obvious opponent of immigration and caused many problems for the European Union after refusing to accept refugees (including from Syria). At the same time, the period of party ruling has become the period of the greatest immigration of Ukrainians to Poland in history (over 1.2 million Ukrainians).

Marc Santora is convinced that the Polish authorities, although reluctant, but are opening to immigrants from the East (mainly Ukrainians) for two reasons. Because they are Christians and the country's economy simply has no other choice.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was not ashamed to promote the government agenda. "We want to change Europe and re-Christianize it," he said in an interview for a Catholic television station in 2017. The government recently ordered a new format for passports containing the phrase "God, Honor, Fatherland".

Despite their reluctance to accept foreigners, many Poles are still moving to other countries, including Germany, England and even the United States. The journalist calls this a Polish paradox.

The journalist also gives an example of a Ukrainian woman from Lodz, who three years ago moved to Poland with her husband and two children. Today, Ukrainka has its own beauty salon, it feels good in the country, it does not intend to return to Ukraine. However, she also mentions that her son was the only Ukrainian in the classroom and more than once heard the slogan "Poland for Poles."

Ukrainka also said that one of her older Polish clients made fun of Ukrainians, calling them radioactive because of Chernobyl (reference to the nuclear power plant disaster in 1986).

Interesting is the fact that, according to surveys, young people are more likely to dislike Ukrainians. I do not know for sure what this reluctance is caused by - historical events, culture, perception of the world, or perhaps the politics of the ruling party. Personally, fortunately, I have not encountered cases of pure hatred towards my nationality and I can only be grateful that Poland welcomed me and became my home. I hope that once every Ukrainian in Poland will be able to say the same.

Ukrainians in second place among foreigners spending money in Poland


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