This will be the PlayStation 5 console - the first official details

At the moment, the prototype PlayStation 5 console looks like a huge metal box. Its main architect - Mark Cerny - showed behind the closed doors the possibilities that the PS5 will offer in 2020. The parameters of the device absolutely delight. I'm just afraid for the price.

The report from the meeting with the main architect of the PS5 was shared by the Wired website . All information contained in their material can be considered official and confirmed. Thus, Sony officially starts communication about the next generation console, although "PS5" or "PlayStation 5" does not fall from the mouth of Mark Cenry not once.

CPU: the third generation of the AMD Ryzen chip. GPU: Radeon Navi with ray tracing.

playstation 5

The most important components of the upcoming Sony console will again be answered by AMD. This confirms the rumors that PlayStation 5 was supposed to be a device with native backward compatibility support. However, this is a service that Cerny was not able to talk about yet. We know that the PS5 will feature a CPU based on the third-generation AMD Ryzen chip, equipped with eight cores in the new 7nm Zen 2 architecture.

When it comes to the graphics, here the heart of the console will be the variant of the Radeon Navi chip, with the support of the new ray tracing technology. Ray tracing reproduces in real time the journey of light in space, which allows you to create even more beautiful, even more realistic scenes in video games.

An interesting addition to the AMD chip will be a separate chip devoted exclusively to sound. Thanks to the 3D audio system, PlayStation 5 will take a step forward in an area that has been somewhat neglected earlier. Between the premieres of PS3 and PS4 consoles, no sound evolution took place on the Sony platform. Cerny promises. that this time it will be different. Digital surround sound is to delight, while the console itself has to give a significant part of the computing power to the audio area.

A second instead of fifteen. SSD disk is to be a revolution of the world of consoles.

playstation 5

During the presentation, Mark Cerny launched the game Amazing Spider-Man on PS4 and the prototype version of PS5. The time to load the open world on the current console was 15 seconds. The device that will appear on shop shelves will shorten this period to ... 0.8 seconds. Cerny revealed that it was thanks to the SSD, which will be the new gold standard of PlayStation 5. A standard that will allow for something that is currently out of the reach of developers.

SSD drive will enable games and content support in a maximum of 8K. Charging times will be dramatically reduced. The way in which the games themselves work will also change. In order to visualize what exactly is going on, Cerny re-launched Spider-Man. On PS4, the Man-Spider was rocking with a limited, characteristic speed. On PS5, the hero got an afterburner, turning into a humanoid fighter. Despite the dizzying speed of flight over New York, the game never slowed down. Objects were not seen in front of the player. Everything was razor sharp, and there was no way to get any textures.

Thanks to the SSD disc, games with the open world will become bigger, faster and more efficient than ever before. Developers will be able to show more things on the screen. The worlds will become even larger and the field of view will reach even further. To make this possible, SSDs of the highest possible quality are needed. Although Cerny does not provide exact disk parameters, he is convinced that the console will receive a medium with a higher write and read speed than the current top-shelf disc.

PlayStation 5: virtual reality and cooperation with PSVR

blood and truth psvr playstation vr 1 playstation 5

Sony is not going to withdraw from virtual reality. According to Cerny, the PS5 will work with PSVR goggles already released. The main architect, however, did not want to reveal whether a new generation of goggles is in preparation. According to rumors, this is to be fully wireless. Wired, however, failed to obtain any official confirmation on this subject.

Cooperation with PSVR means that on PS5 we will most likely be able to run the best VR games from PS4. SuperHOT VR, Beat Saber, Borderlands 2, Skyrim, DOOM, Bravo Team, Resident Evil 7, Firewall, WipeOut Omega Collection - Sony has collected a great collection of titles in virtual reality and it would be a shame that this "wasted" with the premiere of PlayStation 5 .

I am delighted with the initial specification of PlayStation 5, but one thing scares me.

I'm afraid just how much a console equipped with such components will cost. There was no significant technological revolution between PS3 and PS4. Thanks to this, we could buy PlayStation 4 at a very reasonable price at the very premiere. However, when I read about the GPU, CPU and SSD in the upcoming next generation console, it squeezes me in my wallet. It seems that Sony has taken a course for great computing power and top components. This will inevitably affect the final price of the device.

Of course, there is still a lot of time until 2020. Technology is going down. The production process will be optimized. Components will become. However, even assuming that the premiere of the PS5 will take place at the end of 2020, he feels in his bones that the price of this device will be noticeably higher than the starting price for PS4. Personally, I do not mind. I am able to spend more money for more power. I realize, however, that not every consumer has an attitude similar to mine.

But I'm excited.

This will be the PlayStation 5 console - the first official details


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