This laptop costs PLN 10000. It makes such a bad first impression that I wanted to give up further tests

I wrote only two weeks ago that choosing a laptop with Windows was a lottery. Today he came to me for tests of the latest Dell XPS 13 9380, in the most powerful configuration, and I feel like turning the wheel of the roulette again. Russian.

For clarity - in spite of many polite comments in the previous text , I do not belong to the Cupertine church . I do not have a single device with a bitten apple on the casing.

And yet I appreciate how much Apple attaches to the first impression. What happens to the machines later is another story (ekhm, MacBook Pro keyboard , ekhm), but the first moments spent with Apple laptops are a strictly directed spectacle; pure pleasure, which is supposed to spread around the user the aura of "emejzingu" and arouse in him a unique sense that he chose perfectly.

Everything starts with the packaging. I used to work in an electronics store and open dozens of boxes with Apple computers. And each time I was extremely impressed with how thoughtful the arrangement of components is (and then at even greater, how impossible it is to put everything in the same way, but it's a different story).

After opening the carton, just pull the piece of foil to remove the computer. The same film is also glued so as not to put up much resistance when pulling the laptop. The other components nest in perfectly separate chambers.

Laptop - it can not be otherwise - we open with one hand. The computer starts up at once to guide us through the elegant startup process. The machine works in silence, the windmills do not start spinning for even a second, because for what; the process of starting a mobile computer should not be a sufficiently accurate process to require additional cooling.

The launched computer does not attack us with notifications, bloatware or anti-viruses. There are only useful programs from Apple himself, everyone useful in his field.

I am not saying that on the side of machines with Windows, the process of first contact with a computer can not look like this. Huawei and Microsoft pack their computers in a similarly sophisticated manner, Lenovo even invented a special cardboard box that lifts the laptop in it, so that it can be easily removed.

However, these are exceptions to the sad rule. Rules that I can accept in a cheap laptop for masses up to 2000 PLN, but not in the costing nearly 10,000. zł. Ultrabook, considered by many to be the best in its class.

The first moments with Dell XPS 13 are not pleasant.

If it was a machine for which I spent PLN 9799 myself, I would jump on the walls of frustration. Fortunately, this is just a test copy for the author who writes about new technologies, so I can only get my frustration at virtual paper.

Costing as much as a well-equipped Dell MacBook Pro 13, it arrives at the user in the most ordinary cardboard packaging. It just does not surprise me - I worked in the trade, so I know that most laptops with Windows are packed like this. Producers simply have their first impression in the nose, and the more appropriate - nicer - the packaging is usually hidden inside the uglier one.

However, I am always surprised how sloppy the other components are. It is here for Dell, but it really should also be for many other manufacturers - charger, documentation, accessories: there are no dedicated places in the box. Usually they are simply thrown loosely or thrown into separate compartments.

Well, but good, this element can really get over. It's a bit worse when you take XPS 13 out of this "right" box. The foil, which the laptop is glued on, sticks as hard as if the life of the factory worker through whose hands the package has passed depended on its durability. The "handle" to take out the laptop is a bit too small, so the computer slides out of the box in a very inelegant way.

These are all details, but are not we paying big thousands of zlotys for such details? Apple understands that. Other producers are not always.

I put a brand new laptop on my desk and for a moment I feel something is wrong. The desk is flat, the floor is flat, so why the laptop seems crooked? And why does it sound when I press it? Ah, yes - the XPS-13 housing is slightly uneven. Maybe it's metal, maybe rubber feet - it does not matter. This problem has been present in the XPS line for years. As you can see, it's too short for the manufacturer to do anything with it.

I lift the hatch. And another disappointment - of course, you can not open it with one hand. Someone will say that this is for a better resistance of the touch screen cover. Ok, just why, for example, Huawei and Asus can make laptops with touch screens that can be opened with one hand, and not Dell?

The next step - I turn on the computer. Referring again to Apple, the giant from Cupertino is very concerned that computers always reach users charged. Meanwhile, XPS 13 came to me completely discharged, so I had to wait for the first launch of the screen.

Maybe in this particular case it's just the wine of the test copy. Well, someone took it out earlier, tested it, did not charge it. I'd like to believe it. It's just that the experience with Windows machines acquired in Spider's Web and previous work taught me that this is a typical ailment. Laptops with Windows notoriously go to buyers unloaded.

Do you think that's not a problem? And at least three times I had to explain this state of affairs to an upset consumer of an electrician who, after coming from the store to the house, wanted to turn on the laptop, and this "did not work". For the average user, discharging the battery in a new computer is not "normal". For those more advanced also should not be.

Next it went like butter. I began to convince myself to Della XPS 13. And suddenly ...

The first configuration process on the Dell XPS 13 was very pleasant for a change. No fancy manufacturer, no non-standard queries. Oh, the classic Windows 10 procedure that I know so well from Microsoft's Surfaces.

I have finished the configuration, scanned fingerprints (about this in a moment) and I looked for the first time on a clean Windows 10 desktop and a welcome screen of the Microsoft Edge browser.

I saw him about 5 seconds.

Then I was flooded with pop-up windows:

  • Thank you for choosing a Dell laptop, sign up for something
  • Do you want something to send you information about updates?
  • Your computer may be at risk. Update your McAfee!

Apart from this, straightforward, crap from McAfee ... seriously, Dell? I have not been so aggressively greeted by any laptop I have had contact with in recent months. Even ZenBooks from Asus , who is not known for the cleanest installations of Windows, do not have enough trash on board.

In total, I counted as many as 8 (sic!) Preinstalled Dell applications. And this unfortunate McAfee, I need nothing to anyone. Plus the standard garbage found on every Windows 10 PC - Candy Crush, Cooking Fever and at least 3 ads in the start menu tiles.

Perhaps it was because of all these pre-installed garbage and pop-ups that XPS 13 welcomed me with an extremely intrusive noise of fans. Also for months, no laptop has greeted me, except gaming monsters that simply ventilate non-stop. The Dell XPS 13 turned off the howling windmills until about 10 minutes after the restart, which ...

... was another series of unfortunate events.

After the computer greeted me with pop-ups, another application informed me about the need to update the software and firmware. OK - I thought - and let the computer install the necessary elements.

It lasted over half an hour.

When the update came to an end, the computer was warmed up to an alarming level, and the fans would be louder than the ventilation of my stationary PC under the maximum load. And then another problem appeared - I could not log in.

I mean ... I could. For the fifth approach, when after several unsuccessful attempts to recognize a previously scanned fingerprint the system asked me to enter the PIN.

And when I finally got to the computer, ready to install the programs I needed to work, the following message greeted me from the screen:

Dell XPS 13 has problems

I do not know what it means. I do not care. More did not show up. But the very fact of its existence, with almost the first contact with a machine costing nearly 10 thousand. PLN is a mockery.

To Dell's defense - I've seen similar stories in other computers and irritated the same every time. On Microsoft's site I would take hardware partners under the microscope, because such experience at the very beginning of communing with Windows 10 effectively discourages the system, and yet the system is not guilty. The more so because there are machines on which it works perfectly from the beginning to the end.

I do not delete Della XPS 13. But I would not like to experience such "first contact" as a consumer.

When I finish writing these words, XPS 13 is already set up and ready to work on my desk. I cleaned the system from all pre-installed garbage, I re-scanned the fingerprint, and recharged the battery fully. Windmills fell silent, the computer - for now - works without a hitch.

It's just that getting to this place cost me at least an hour of life, a lot of frustration and resulted in writing almost 1,500 words you are reading.

The question "is that for sure it should look like this?" I will leave rhetorical.

* For accuracy - Dell XPS 13 9380 will have a full review in Spider's Web. It's a great computer that previous versions have been praised by users around the world. Honestly, I must admit that if similar "flowers" greeted me less popular and valued model, I would send it to the producer without a word of explanation, without wasting the time of the readers to describe it, May the Dell XPS 13 actually be worth it.

This laptop costs PLN 10000. It makes such a bad first impression that I wanted to give up further tests


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