This is today - from now on the post office we will confirm the identity with the mObywatel application


From today we will be able to receive parcels at the post office showing evidence in the application mObywatel.

From April 23, employees of Poczta Polska are obliged to recognize the identity certificate by the mObywatel application. The previous refusal to hand over the package thus becomes a song of the past.

The mObywatel application is not proof, but it replaces it in some situations.

In addition to e-mail, these are, for example, gyms, where the subscription is assigned to a specific person. According to the announcements of the Ministry of Digitalization, the citizen will also soon work in the PKP. Tickets purchased on the internet now require confirmation of identity before the conductor while checking the validity of the ticket.

Application possibilities are also expected to increase for drivers. The vehicle registration document and information on third party liability insurance should be attached to the application.

In mObywatel, we can now find a school and student ID.

The application itself is free and works on two leading operating systems - Android and OS. To log in to it, you need a Trusted Profile. If we already have it, adding the proof to the application takes 2-3 minutes.

The improvement of the citizen is another episode of the digitization of the state.

For now it is slow and expensive ( tests of the original version cost over PLN 3 million ). However, some successes can not be denied to the administration. For almost two months, we can even apply for proof with an electronic layer , where, for example, you can upload a qualified signature certificate.

This is today - from now on the post office we will confirm the identity with the mObywatel application


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