This is the refreshed Google Play store

The Google Play store will finally get a refreshment and a new look that complies with the Material Theme guidelines. See how it looks.

Think about Google's mobile apps. What comes to mind at the first moment? Me: chaos and lack of consistency. Despite these negative associations, I also see a clear trend, which is minimalism. More and more extensive every month.

In the meantime, look at the current Google Play store app. What do you see? I see in it a project that goes back two to three years, when colors still dominated in the mobile world. Were these better times? I leave this evaluation to everyone.

The Google Play store is one of the last major Google applications without Material Theme . Now it will change.

google play store in material theme

We can see the new look of the Google Play store thanks to the 9to5Google team, who discovered changes in the store application in version 14.5.52. Remember that it does not have to be the final look that Google will implement. There may be some changes, but screenshots accurately show the direction the application is moving.

google play store in material theme

We know this direction well. Colored - in this case green - the top bar will be replaced with pure white. There will be new icons, and the main categories will be moved to the bar at the bottom, making it easier to reach them with your thumb.

google play store in material theme

Each section (Movies, Books, Music) will keep its color (pink, blue, red), but it will be marked to a much smaller extent. Only color accents appear in the form of a colored icon and a bar that highlights the tab.

And Google will fine-tune the details. The buttons change the border and the degree of rounding of the corners. A new font will also appear.

These changes are needed.

At first, it may seem that white is too much. That this is not fitting in the times of OLED screens, which are simply created for (not) displaying black.

Recently, however, I picked up a smartphone with an older version of Gmail, in which there was still a wet red belt at the top of the application. And you know what? It looked very archaic against the latest version of Gmail, which is much lighter, more modern and more minimalist.

The same will apply to the Google Play store, so I am waiting until this - by the way very important - element of the system will be finally rebuilt. When? Only Google knows the answer to this question, but it seems that the update is approaching.

This is the refreshed Google Play store


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